The British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter Meeting will be held virtually on the 18th and 19th January 2021.

The theme of the meeting is "Recent advances in non-conventional rheometry”, and we have keynote presentations by

  • Gerry Fuller (Stanford University),
  • Monica Oliveira (University of Strathclyde)
  • Charles Schroeder (University of Illinois).

Our meeting includes several award lectures. These are the

  • Gold Medal to John Hinch (University of Cambridge),
  • the Annual Award to Daniel Read (University of Leeds),
  • the Vernon Harrison Award to Hugo Castillo Sanchez (University College London).

Applications for oral presentations are very welcome, speaker slots are 20 minutes. In place of a poster session, time will be devoted to 5-minute pre-recorded ‘flash’ presentations.

Please submit abstracts for presentations to Prof. Karl Hawkins ([email protected]) by 18th December.


Monday 18th January


1.50pm            Meeting opening

2.00pm            Charles Schroeder: “Automated Flow Control for Colloidal and Molecular Rheology”

2.40pm            Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts: “Illuminating Folded Protein Hydrogel Mechanics through Photo Rheology”

3.10pm            Richard Graham: “Multiscale modelling of flow- induced crystallisation in polymers”


3.40pm            Break/Networking


4.10pm            Flash presentations: -

                        Stephen Wilson: “Thixotropic Pumping

Daniel McDowall: “The influence of nanostructure alignment on the Young’s moduli of macroscopic low molecular weight gel filaments

Lisa Thomson: “Creating Transient Gradients in Supramolecular Hydrogels

Joseph Cousins: “Multiplicity of solutions and wetting transitions for nematic liquid crystal ridges

Richard Hodgkinson: “Extension rate uniformity improved by new converging channel profile via simple geometrical construct


5.00pm            Break/Networking


5.30pm            Gerry Fuller: “The Live Cell Rheometer – Rheological Insights in Human Health”

6.10pm            Vivek Sharma: “Stretched Polymer Physics, Extensional Rheology and Free Surface Flows”

6.40pm            Rubens Rosario Fernandes: “Use of a blade scraping device to estimate the yield stress of viscoplastic soil layers


7.10pm            Networking

8.00pm            Close


Tuesday 19th January


10.00am          Mónica Oliveira: “Characterisation of complex fluids and bioparticles using microfluidic platforms

10.40am          Job Thijssen: “A novel method for interfacial rheology using an indirect interfacial rheometer”

11.10pm          David Hoyle: “Simulated mechanical ageing of high voltage offshore windfarm power cables”


11.30am          Break/Networking


12.30pm          Gareth McKinley: “Application of Gabor Transforms For Time-Resolved Oscillatory Rheometry”

1.10pm            Manlio Tassieri: i-Rheo and its impact on rheology and beyond”

1.30pm            David Michieletto: Microrheology Topologically Active Living Polymers Flows”


2.00pm            Break/Networking


3.00pm            Vernon Harrison Award Lecture - Hugo Castillo Sanchez: “Channel flow instabilities of complex fluids”

3.40pm            Annual Award Lecture - Daniel Read: “Predicting linear rheology of polydisperse linear polymers”

4.20pm            Gold Medal Lecture - John Hinch: “The much neglected 2nd normal stress difference”

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