Non_Newtonian Club 2020

The Non-Newtonian Club (NNC) is an informal rheology discussion group which provides half-day or one-day meetings with the aim of bringing together experienced and not-so-experienced rheologists from industry and academia. PhD students with an interest in rheology are particularly encouraged to attend, as it is you who are the future of our discipline.

This year presents unusual challenges for meeting organisation! We are delighted to announce the annual Non-Newtonian Club meeting will be hosted virtually on the Zoom platform by Daniel Read and Brent Murray from the University of Leeds, on Thursday 17th September. The theme of the meeting will be Rheology of Food.

In order to keep a relaxed schedule for the day and minimise screen stress, talks will be scheduled from 10am-12noon, and from 2pm-4pm, with three talks in each session, and with short breaks between talks.


Speakers will include:

Natalie Germann (Technical University of Munich): “Experimental-based Rheological Modeling and Simulation of Food Processing”

Maria Charalambides (Imperial): “The effect of micro-aeration on the mechanical, thermal and tribological response of chocolates during the oral process”

Jan Engmann (Nestle): “From pouring to breaking - rheological classification of food from a design perspective”

Gleb Yakubov (Nottingham): “The curious case of intestinal mucus: A selective barrier film enabled by a hierarchical organisation of flow and viscoelastic behaviour”

Chris Clarke (Birmingham): “Examining interfacial mobility using fundamental foam geometries”

John Cawkwell (Reading Scientific Services Ltd): “The consistency of condiments - using rheology as a tool to meet consumer preferences”.




To receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting, you will need to register for the meeting. You can do this via ****Registration closed****.


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