Grants and Awards


The society offer a number of bursaries and awards for our members:

Student Travel Grant

The British Society of Rheology seeks applications for travel awards from its student membership, with the objective of encouraging students to disseminate their research. Travel awards are available to student members of the Society to present their research by paper or poster at a conference that contains a strong rheological element. The awards are expected to supplement existing sources of funding that would not cover the whole cost of attending the conference on their own. Suitable conferences include the International Congress of Rheology, the Annual European Rheology Conference and conferences organized by the Society.


Summer Bursaries

The purpose of the award is to give experience of research to undergraduate students to explore the potential of becoming a researcher and to encourage them to consider a career in rheology. Two such awards will be granted in 2021. The awards provide support for the student at a rate of £200 per week for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks if full time. Applications from students wishing to work part – time will also be considered. The awards will be transferred to the successful applicant’s Institution; it is the responsibility of the applicants to inform their respective administrative departments of the award.


Early Career Travel Award

The purpose of the BSR Early Career Travel Award is to assist early-career researchers with disseminating rheological research and building their research network by either supplementing travel to a national/international conference, or supplementing funding for a short research visit. Research visits that connect academia and industry are especially encouraged. BSR will award up to £150 for UK-based and £300 for European-based conference travel, and up to £500 for conference travel in the rest of the world. In the case of research visits (or combined conference and research visit), BSR will award up to £500 for UK-based and £1000 for non-UK-based research activity.

BSR Carer' Grant

The purpose of the BSR Carer’s Grant is to enable parents and carers to attend conferences and other research schools, meetings or visits by making a supplementary contribution towards caring costs. The BSR will award up to £250.


Vernon Harrison Award

The British Society of Rheology now welcomes applications for the Vernon Harrison Award for the most distinguished PhD thesis in rheology. The aim of this award is to recognise excellence, creativity and novelty in research. It will be awarded to the postgraduate student who, in the opinion of the adjudicating committee, has made the most original and significant contribution to any branch of rheological research (experimental, computational or theoretical) leading to the award of a PhD degree in a given academic year. This prize is partly supported by the Vernon Harrison Bequest.

BSR Annual Award

The Annual Award is intended to recognise a significant contribution to rheology, either through a single paper (in which case a group of co-authors can receive the award) or more sustained activity of a single individual. The Award is decided based on scientific merit. Long service is not a factor, and nominations of early career scientists / research workers are welcomed. The final decision is taken by the Council of the British Society of Rheology. If, in a given year, there is no suitable nominee, then the Award will not be given.


BSR Gold Medal

The BSR Gold Medal is intended to recognise an outstanding and sustained contribution to rheology of a single individual.  Previous winners can be seen here.