NSR 2019

The NSR2019 conference will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden between August 21st to 23rd.

The conference covers all aspects and areas of rheology. Industrial case studies and academic research papers are both welcome. The aim is to bring together and enhance the exchange of knowledge between researchers, users, application specialists and instrumentation manufacturers in Nordic countries and beyond. The NRC2019 highlights the rheology of cellulose systems relating to the use in polymer composites, coatings, paper, pulp, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. The pulp and paper industry is important in the Nordic countries and special attention will therefore be given to this field. Other subjects of special interest for NRC2019 include food, polymeric materials and bio-applications.

Key invited speakers are Gareth McKinley, Gerald Fuller, Alain Dufresne and Daniel Söderberg

More details can be foudn on the website: https://nordicrheologysociety.org/Home/Nrc