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The British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter meeting

Complex Fluids for Performance

Edgbaston Park Hotel, 17-18 December 2019 

On the 17th and 18th December we are holding our Mid-Winter-Meeting at the Edgbaston Park Hotel, Birmingham. Please join us to discuss the topic “COMPLEX FLUIDS FOR PERFORMANCE”. This meeting will be a great opportunity to find out how rheometry and rheology can be utilised to study complex formulations in both the research and industrial environments. With topics ranging from food and saliva to oilfield and highly filled injection moulding rheometry, this conference aims to capture the diversity of rheological studies and highlight its importance as an analytical tool. Whether we are using rheometry to help study the stability of a new formulation or determining the correct shear conditions for processing, this meeting aims to allow the networking and discussions to take place in a relaxed and friendly environment!

The meeting will be of interest to those interested in rheology and complex fluids in the context of formulation, modelling, physics, chemistry, soft matter, chemical engineering, and polymer science. We intend the meeting to appeal to scientists and engineers from academia and industry alike.





Keynote speakers and their talks:

Bettina Wolf

Birmingham University

“Rod-like food hydrocolloids encountering saliva: from molecular assemblies to macroscopic flow behaviour”

Andrew Clarke

Schlumberger Research

“Oilfield rheometry: indicators, measurements and science”

Adam Edwards


“Development of rheological techniques to analyse the flow of highly filled injection moulding compounds”

Dan Curtis

Swansea University

“Controlled Stress Superposition Rheometry for performance monitoring; biomedical and industrial applications”

Helen Wilson


BSR Annual Award Winner: “Modelling Complex Suspensions”

Rahul Chacko

Durham University

Vernon Harrison Award Winner: "Dynamics of Three Dense Non-Brownian Suspensions: Microstructure, Instabilities and Slow Relaxation"


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Registrations and abstracts are now open!

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Applications for oral presentations are very welcome, speaker slots are 20 minutes.  In place of a poster session, time will be devoted to 5-minute oral ‘flash’ presentation.

The Alexei Likhtman prize for best student flash presentation will also be awarded, including a £100 voucher.

Please submit abstracts for presentations to Dr Shona Marsh by 30th November.

Sponsors / Exhibitors

Organisations wishing to sponsor or exhibit at this meeting are very welcome: please contact the BSR Treasurer Prof Phil Threlfall-Holmes for rates. BSR is pleased to acknowledge the participation of Anton Paar, TA Instruments and Malvern Panalytical.