Mid-Winter Meeting 2021/2

Particles, Emulsions and Gelation – controlling the rheology of concentrated colloidal systems:

Concentrated systems of colloids display fascinating rheological behaviour that results from inter-particle interactions and structure. For example, gels and glasses find wide application in industries ranging from batteries to agrochemicals, from inkjet inks to foodstuffs and far beyond. Gels and glasses can result from attractive or repulsive interactions to give thermal or athermal properties. To realise fully the benefits of these materials in terms of ease of processing and final product properties much greater understanding is required of the relation between the materials’ underlying structure - and its evolution - and the mechanical, electrical, thermal or magnetic properties. This topic is an important area of research in which modelling and rheological experiment are yielding important insights into the structure, evolution and properties of these materials.

The BSR 2021/2 Mid-Winter Meeting provides a forum for leading scientists and engineers to exchange ideas and advances in the exciting and important area of structure and application of concentrated colloids.

Meeting will be online. There will be no registration fee for BSR Members. (For non-members, there will be a £27 registration fee, which will provide one year BSR registration). The sessions will be (UK) afternoons of 12, 13 and 14 January and the morning of 13 January.

The meeting will feature 2021 Award presentations:

BSR Annual Award: winner Professor Dan Curtis (University of Swansea)
BSR Vernon Harrison: winner Dr Ana María Fuentes (University of Glasgow)

The session themes will be:

Repulsive colloidal emulsions, hard or soft particle dispersions
Attractive colloidal emulsions, hard or soft particle dispersions
Mixtures of attractive and repulsive components
Non-colloidal non-granular athermal particles -constitutive modelling
Non-colloidal non-granular athermal particles Yielding of colloidal gels
Yielding of colloidal gels
Normal forces in gelling systems

Keynote speakers

Prof. dr. D. (Daniel) Bonn, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Emanuela Del Gado, Georgetown university
Dr. John Royer, University of Edinburgh
Prof. Helen Wilson, UCL