INNFM Spring Meeting

The Institiute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics held its Spring Meeting at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales, between Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th April 2019.

The principal focus of the meeting will be recent advances in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics but papers on general rheology were also welcomed. There was a session on recent advances in numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluids in memory of Professor Mike Webster.

Speakers include Don Baird, Adam Burbidge, Richard Buscall, Maria Charalambides, Ralph Colby, Russell Davies, Francesco Del Giudice, Jonathan Evans, Randy Ewoldt, Suzanne Fielding, Ian Frigaard, Crispulo Gallegos, Jeff Giacomin, David James, Jose Esteban Lopez-Aguilar, Joao Maia, Jalaal Maziyar, Claire McIlroy, Alexander Morozov, Cassio Oishi, Rob Poole, Daniel Read, Charles Schroeder, Eric Shaqfeh and Manlio Tassieri, Peter Townsend and Manfred Wagner.

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