INNFM meeting 2017

The principal focus of this meeting was the advances in rheometry (theory, experimentation and instrumentation) but papers on general rheology were also included. There was a session dedicated to David Binding to mark his retirement and in recognition of his contributions to rheology.

Distinguished rheologists who gave plenary lectures included Don Baird, Howard Barnes, Adam Burbidge, Suzanne Fielding, Ian Frigaard, Gerry Fuller, Jeff Giacomin, Jae Hyun, David James, Joao Maia, Gareth McKinley, Paula Moldenaers, Ralph Oliver, Rob Poole, Charles Schroeder, Mats Stading, Manilio Tassieri, Manfred Wagner, and J Cooper White. Professor H Wilson (UCL) delivered her BSR Presidential address at the conference.

INNFM meeting 2017 Gallery