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Notice of the 78th Annual General Meeting Posted by K Hawkins,  , 26/03/2019

Notice of the 78th Annual General Meeting

The 78th Annual General Meeting of the British Society of Rheology will be held at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel & Spa, Llanwddyn, coinciding with the INNFM Spring Meeting, on Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 5.30pm.

The draft minutes of the 77th Annual General Meeting will be circulated by email in advance of the meeting. Members are reminded that, under rule 7(b), the business of the meeting includes:

* Election of Officers and Council members.

* Receipt of a report and accounts from Council.

* Dealing with matters raised by Council or by any other member and receiving suggestions from members for consideration by Council.

Council's nominations for Officers and Council members are:

Hon. Secretary: Dr K. Hawkins

Hon. Treasurer: Prof P. Threlfall-Holmes

Membership Secretary: Dr M. Tassieri

Bulletin Editor: Prof D. Read

Web Editor: Mr S. Goodyer

Ordinary members of Council:

Prof M. Charalambides

Dr A. Clarke

Mr P. Hodder

Dr S. Marsh

Dr C. McIlroy

Dr M. Oliveira (Publications manager)

Dr R. Watson

Dr A. Howe assumes the office of President, following one year as President-Elect. Prof T.N. Phillips becomes immediate past-President.

Further nominations for Council or for any of the Offices are invited. Nominations should be sent to the Secretary or made at the meeting (rule 5(b)). Nominees must be members of the Society, must confirm in writing that they are willing to stand and must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Society. The Honorary Secretary would be pleased to receive notice of any matter that any member wishes to raise at the AGM.

Members who cannot attend the AGM are invited to make nominations or approve Council's nominations by email or post to the Honorary Secretary:

Dr. Karl Hawkins

Institute of Life Science

Medical School

Swansea University