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Free Bulletin Posted by AClarke,  , 20/03/2020

Free Bulletin

Due to the reduced services of printing offices as a result of the current situation, we have had to postpone the production of the paper copy of the first issue of 2020 of the BSR bulletin. In light of this unprecedented situation, we have decided to make the first issue of volume 61 of the BSR Bulletin free-to-all on our website:

Bulletin volume 61 No 1

Hope you enjoy the last issue with Prof Daniel Read as Bulletin Editor. The main article in this issue is from our Annual Award winner, Prof Helen Wilson, on modelling the rheology of complex suspensions of particles. Special thanks to all who contributed to this issue of the Bulletin and to Daniel for all his hard work as editor of the Bulletin over the last years!


Mónica Oliveira

(Publication Manager)