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Annual award winner Posted by A.Clarke,  , 10/10/2019

Annual award winner

Professor Helen J Wilson wins the BSR annual award.

She will receive her award and present a keynote lecture at the BSR mid-winter meeting.

Citation: Professor Helen Wilson

The Annual Award of the British Society of Rheology for 2019 has been awarded to Professor Helen Wilson of University College London (UCL) in recognition of her wide ranging and seminal contributions to Rheology.

Of particular note are Helen’s recent contributions and ongoing work related to the significant conceptual development of constitutive models for dense suspensions, contributions to the understanding of flow instabilities in viscoelastic fluids including theoretical prediction of the instability of highly shear-thinning channel flow and constitutive equations for polymer melt flow.

Helen is the first female Head of Mathematics at UCL and, in addition to many research achievements, she has made many substantial contributions to the rheological community, including organising numerous meetings, serving on council and subsequently as President of the BSR. Helen is a member of Editorial Advisory Boards of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Physics of Fluids.