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Annual Award 2020 Posted by AClarke,  , 20/08/2020

Annual Award 2020

Professor Daniel Read wins the 2020 BSR annual award in recognition of his major contribution to understanding and predicting the rheology of polymer melts.


Citation:  Professor Daniel Read

The Annual Award of the British Society of Rheology for 2020 has been awarded to Professor Daniel Read.

A constant theme in Daniel's work has been to develop and apply the fundamental theory of entangled polymers, originally pioneered by De Gennes, Doi and Edwards, to make quantitative predictions of the rheology of complex industrial polymers. He has developed an algorithm for computing the linear rheology of general branched polymers with multiple levels of branching and has made software implementing this algorithm (BoB, branch-on-branch) freely available, which is now widely used in polymer industry. Subsequently he developed models that are capable of predicting the rheology of entangled melts directly from the synthesis reaction, thereby bypassing the need to measure the molecular structure in order to predict the rheology. Again, he has made the software implementing this algorithm, REACT, freely available. He has conducted extensive work on modelling the rheology of polydisperse blends of entangled polymers, explaining the paradoxical behaviour of bidisperse blends in elongational flow  and recently developing a new rheological model capturing the nonlinear rheology of polydisperse blends.

Daniel is co-director of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Soft Matter for Formulation and Industrial Innovation.  He has contributed extensively to the rheology community, developing and making important software tools freely available, and is recognised internationally as one of the leading polymer physicists of his generation.