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79th Annual AGM Posted by A.Clarke,  , 23/04/2020

79th Annual AGM

Dear BSR Members,

This is a reminder that the 79th Annual General Meeting of the British Society of Rheology will be held virtually via Zoom, on Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 10.00am.

Please, could you indicate whether you intend to join the virtual meeting by sending an email to the Secretary’s address, before the end of 27th April. The log in details of the Zoom meeting will then be sent to you, by email, following your indication to join.

If you do not intend to or cannot join the virtual meeting, please could we ask that you cast your votes (or nominations) by email to the Secretary’s address above, before the end of 27th April.

Council's nominations for Officers and Council members are:

Hon. Secretary: Dr C. McIlroy

Hon. Treasurer: Prof P. Threlfall-Holmes

Membership Secretary: Dr M. Tassieri

Bulletin Editor: Dr R. Thompson

Web Editor: Dr A. Clarke

Ordinary members of Council:

Prof K. Hawkins

Mr P. Hodder

Dr S. Marsh

Dr M. Oliveira (Publications manager)

Mr C. Smith

Dr R. Watson

Dr A. Howe has served one year of his two-year term as President.

The Council’s nomination for President-Elect is Prof Simon Cox.

Further nominations for Council or for any of the Offices are invited. Nominations should be sent to the Secretary or made at the meeting (rule 5(b)). Nominees must be members of the Society, must confirm in writing that they are willing to stand and must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Society. The Honorary Secretary would be pleased to receive notice of any matter that any member wishes to raise at the AGM.

Council wishes to propose one motion for consideration by the AGM:-

The wording in the constitution should be changed to clarify that Immediate past President remains a Trustee and has voting rights.

5(d) …"The Immediate Past President may attend Council meetings and advise Council, but ceases to be a Trustee and does not have voting rights." to "The President Elect and Immediate Past President are ordinary Members of Council and Trustees of the Society"

The reason for this change is to address an inconsistency in the constitution, which states, in 5(a) (all) members of Council are deemed to be "Trustees" as defined by The Charities Act 1993 and shall manage the affairs of the Society in accordance with the requirements of that Act.

Posted on behalf of

Karl Hawkins

Hon. Secretary