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Karl Weissenberg


80th Birthday Celebration Essays


edited by John Harris

Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Nairobi, Kenya





Karl Weissenberg was born in Vienna in 1893 and studied at the Universities of Vienna, Berlin and Jena studying mathematics as his main subject.


He later became Professor of Physics in the University of Berlin and has also held a variety of Professorships at other Universities.


He has made fundamental contributions in both Crystallography and Rheology during a long and active scientific career.


This volume contains a collection of contributions by a number of well known scientific authors which gives the most comprehensive account available up to the present time of the range and depth of the scientific work of Weissenberg and locates his places in the development of both Crystallography and Rheology.


East African Literature Bureau, Nairobi - First Printed 1973



© Copyright John Harris