Karl Weissenberg - The 80th Birthday Celebration Essays
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        Biographical Notes

            Dr. H. B. Seebohm


        Weissenberg’s Influence on Crystallography

            Prof. H. Lipson, F.R.S., UMJST, Manchester, U.K.


          Karl Weissenberg and the Development of X-Ray Crystallography

            Prof. M. J. Buerger, MiT, U.S.A.


          The Isolation of, and the Initial Measurements of the Weissenberg Effect

            Dr. R. I. Russell, B.P. Sunbury, U.K.


          The Role of Similitude in Continuum Mechanics

            Dr. P. U. A. Grossman, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia


          The Effect of Molecular Weight and Concentration of Polymers in Solutions on the Normal Stress Coefficient

            Prof. G. V. Vinogradov and A. Ya. Malkin, l.P.S., U.S.S.R., Academy of Sciences, Moscow


          Elasticity in Incompressible Liquids

            Prof. A. S. Lodge, University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.


         The Physical Meaning of Weissenberg's Hypothesis with Regard to the Second Normal-Stress Difference

            Prof. Dr. H. Giesekus, Universitat Dortmund, Germany


          A Study of Weissenberg's Holistic Approach to Biorheology

            Dr. G. W. Scott-Blair, Grist Cottage, Oxford


          The Weissenberg Rheogoniometer Adapted for Biorheological Studies

            Prof. A. L. Copley and Mr. R. G. King, New York Medical College, U.S.A.


      Shorter Contributions

         Dr. Karl Weissenberg, 1922-28

            Prof. A. Mark, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, U.S.A.


         Weissenberg’s Contributions to Rheology

            Prof. W. Philippoff, Newark College of Engineering,U.S.A.


         The Early Development of Rheogoniometer

            Mr. J. E. Roberts, Defence Research and Dev. Stafi, Washington, U.S.A.


         Some of Weissenberg's More Important Contributions to Rheology: An Appreciation

            Prof. Hershel Markovitz, Carnegie-Mellon University,U.S.A.



         Publications of Karl Weissenberg and Collaborators


         List of Contributors



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