Karl Weissenberg - The 80th Birthday Celebration Essays
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I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. M. S. Sheikh, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nairobi, Kenya, in the production of this work, especially for reproducing many of the graphs and line drawings.


Also to Dr. P. Gay, Mineralogy Department, University of Cambridge and Blackie and Son Ltd., Edinburgh for permission to publish Figure 1a in the essay by Professor H. Lipson. Also to Dr. M. F. Perutz of the MRC Unit for Molecular Biology, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge for permission to publish Figure 1e of the same article. The photograph of the Weissenberg Goniometer is reproduced with the permission of Stoe and CIE, GMBH, Darmstadt, Germany, and the photograph of the Weissenberg Rheogoniometer with permission of Sangamo Controls Ltd., Bognor Regis., U.K.


J. H.



A Weissenberg Goniometer (Courtesey of Stoe & CIE GMBH)




A Weissenberg Rheogoniometer (Courtesey of Sangamo Controls Ltd.)






Preface  /  Acknowledgements  /  Biographical Notes


Weissenberg’s Influence on Crystallography


Karl Weissenberg and the Development of X-Ray Crystallography


The Isolation of, and the Initial Measurements of the Weissenberg Effect


        The Role of Similitude in Continuum Mechanics


The Effect of Molecular Weight and Concentration of Polymers in Solutions on the Normal Stress Coefficient


        Elasticity in Incompressible Liquids


The Physical Meaning of Weissenberg's Hypothesis with Regard to the Second Normal-Stress Difference


        A Study of Weissenberg's Holistic Approach to Biorheology


The Weissenberg Rheogoniometer Adapted for Biorheological Studies


        Dr. Karl Weissenberg, 1922-28


Weissenberg’s Contributions to Rheology


The Early Development of the Rheogoniometer


        Some of Weissenberg's More Important Contributions to Rheology: An Appreciation


        Publications of Karl Weissenberg and Collaborators  /  List of Contributors






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