16 December 2018 (GMT)
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Travel Grants

The British Society of Rheology seeks applications for travel awards from its student membership, with the objective of encouraging students to disseminate their research.

Travel awards are available to student members of the Society to present their research by paper or poster at a conference that contains a strong rheological element. The awards are expected to supplement existing sources of funding that would not cover the whole cost of attending the conference on their own. Suitable conferences include the International Congress of Rheology, the Annual European Rheology Conference and conferences organized by the Society.

Applicants for a student travel bursary must be a member of the Society, may be working worldwide and presenting research at a conference, by paper or poster. The BSR will accept applications at any time of year, with successful applicants notified within four weeks.

Applications for a travel award should be sent to the Secretary (secretary@bsr.org.uk). Submissions should include the name and location of the conference, the title, authors and abstract of the paper submitted to the conference, a breakdown of the projected costs of attending the meeting and a brief supporting letter from the research supervisor. The support of the British Society of Rheology should be mentioned in the conference presentation, and the Society's logo may be used for this purpose. Payment of the bursary will be made on receipt of a conference report suitable for publication in the Bulletin of the Society.

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