16 December 2018 (GMT)
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 Rheology Abstracts

 Rheology Reviews

For information about purchasing Society publications or advertising in them, please contact the Publications Manager, Dr Manlio Tassieri.

The Society publishes a Bulletin three times per year, which contains reports on conferences and other Society activities, review articles on rheological topics, information on future meetings, courses, and general notes and news. The Bulletin Editor is a member of the Council of the Society. Members of the Society receive the Bulletin free of charge, and it is also available to them online.

The Society also published the quarterly Rheology Abstracts, containing abstracts of most of the published papers and other literature likely to be of interest to practising rheologists in all fields, until 2013. In a typical year a thousand or more abstracts culled from around a hundred journals were published. Past subscribers and members of the Society may access all back issues of Rheology Abstracts online.

The Society is one of the participating bodies of the journal Rheologica Acta and proceedings of several international and national conferences have been published in the journal. It is also a founder member of the European Society of Rheology.

The Society administers the Scott Blair Collection of books and papers on rheology, which is housed at Aberystwyth University, providing an up-to-date library of rheological literature available to all members.
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