16 December 2018 (GMT)
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Non-Newtonian Club

The Non-Newtonian Club (NNC) is an informal rheology discussion group which provides low-cost, half-day or one-day meetings with the aim of bringing together experienced and not-so-experienced rheologists from industry and academia. PhD students with an interest in rheology are particularly encouraged to attend, as it is you who are the future of our discipline.

Our next meeting is themed “Rheology from Microstructure” and will be between 10:15am – 4.30pm Wednesday 16th May 2018, at Schlumberger Gould Research

This meeting will include invited talks from Dr. Malcolm Faers (Bayers AG) Dr Alession Zaccone (University of Cambridge), Prof Brent Murray (University of Leeds), Dr Bill Frith(Unilever), Prof Ian Wilson (University of Cambridge) and Dr Simmon Bittleston (Schlumberger).

PhD students are invited to present posters including a two-minute one slide “pitching” event to promote their poster. If you would like to present a poster please email Dr Andrew Clarke (andrew.clarke@sib.com) for more information.

There is no cost associated with attending but prior registration is required.
To register email either of the Organisers: Dr Andrew CLarke (andrew.clarke@sib.com) or Prof. Rob Poole (robpoole@liv.ac.uk) .

Previous Meetings

Date Venue Host Catering Sponsor Best 'Young' Researchers Award Download Report, Agenda,etc
13th Sept 2017 University of Liverpool Prof Rob Poole Anton Paar Ltd
19th April 2016 Imperial College, London Dr Maria Charalambides Anton Paar Ltd
22nd May 2014 RSSL London Dr Bogdan Dobraszczyk
19th March 2012 Manchester University Xue-Feng Yuan
10th November 2010 Imperial College London Maria Charalambides Anton Paar Ltd
21st October 2008 University of Birmingham Serafim Bakalis Anton Paar Ltd. Yan Yan, University of Birmingham Meeting Report
3rd July 2008 University of Edinburgh Job Thijssen TA Instruments Oliver Henrich, University of Edinburgh Meeting Report
23rd November 2007 Unilever R&D Port Sunlight Dr. Anne-Laure Ferry Unilever
Souad Assighaou,
Université du Maine
La Mans (France)
Meeting Report
19th June 2007 University of Oxford Dr. Peter Martin Anton Paar Ltd Janice Guidice,
University of Oxford
Agenda & Abstracts Meeting Report
6th June 2006 University of Nottingham Dr. Karen Steel Unilever Corporate Research Anson Ma,
University of Cambridge
Meeting Report
2nd November 2005 University of the West of England Dr.Kevin Golden Meeting Report

Kalliopi Dodou from the University of Sunderland tells the audience about the importance of rheology in patches for drug delivery. Jason Stokes (right) congratulates Oliver Henrich (left) from The University of Edinburgh with his 'young researchers award'. Janice Guidice receiving her award for best presentation Audience at Univ Oxford Meeting Audience at Univ Oxford Meeting  Yan Yan received the award for the best presentation from a young rheologist in Birmingham

Anton Paar

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