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Additional events may be found on the events page of the European Society of Rheology, in the Applied Rheology calendar of Conferences on Rheology and Soft Matter and the Conference Service listing for Mechanics and Rheology.

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BSR Mid-Winter (18/12/18)

We are delighted to announce that the British Society of Rheology (BSR) Mid-Winter Meeting 2018 will be held at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in central Edinburgh in their splendid new home at The Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh.

The theme Multidisciplinary Approaches to Complex Flows of Complex Fluids on 17th and 18th December 2018.

The BSR Mid-Winter Meeting 2018 aims to provide an overview of current research into complex flows of complex fluids using a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches encompassing both mathematical theory, numerical simulations and physical experiments.

As usual, the scientific programme of this annual meeting will consist of a number of invited keynote lectures, including

• Dr Duncan Hewitt (University of Cambridge)

• Professor Anke Lindner (ESPCI and University Paris Diderot, Paris)

• Professor Tanniemola Liverpool (University of Bristol)

with other keynote speakers to be announced, including the winners of the BSR Annual Award and Vernon Harrison Award, as well as a full programme of contributed lectures and posters.

The meeting will begin mid-morning on Monday 17th December and finish mid-afternoon on Tuesday 18th December, and includes a conference dinner at a local restaurant on Monday night.

Contributions for oral and poster presentations are hereby invited. Please submit your abstract by Monday 15th October 2018 via the meeting website at www.icms.org.uk/rheology.php

“Early-bird” conference fees (valid until 15th October 2018) are £125 (for a BSR member or student) or £150 (for others), rising to £150 or £175 after 15th October. Please register via this website. Delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation, but a link to University of Edinburgh accommodation and suggestions of other local accommodation is available via the meeting website.

Oganiser/Contact details: Prof Stephen Wilson and Dr Monica Oliveira
Conference Contact:
Prof Stephen WIlson (s.k.wilson@strath.ac.uk) and Dr Monica Oliveira (monica.oliveira@strath.ac.uk)
Conference Website: www.icms.org.uk/rheology.php

Rheology and flow of multiphase geological materials (01/09/17 - 19/12/17)

The BSR Midwinter Meeting 2017 will be held in Bristol. The meeting will combine talks on all topics of interest to BSR members with specific talks aimed at encouraging interactions between Earth Scientists and the wider rheological community. Geological flows often involve multiphase suspensions. Examples include magmas, which are suspensions of bubbles and/or crystals in a liquid silicate melt, and granular media, consisting of particles suspended in water or air. The flow of these materials often presents a hazard, as in the case of lava flows, pyroclastic density currents, snow avalanches, and underwater turbidity currents. Analysis and modelling of such flows is challenging because the rheology of the materials involved is typically complex. This complexity arises partly because the volume fraction of the suspended phase is often in the intermediate to dense range. Moreover, in the case of magmas, the viscosity of the suspending liquid phase can change dynamically during flow, over many orders of magnitude. Quantifying the rheology of these materials is, therefore, both challenging and important. This meeting will focus on recent advances in our understanding of the rheology of multiphase mixtures with a particular focus on geological materials.

Conference Website: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/earthsciences/events/2017/earth-sciences---bsr-meeting.html

INNFM Lake Vyrnwy 2017 (10/04/17 - 12/04/17)

A principal focus of the meeting will be advances in rheometry (theory, experimentation and instrumentation) but papers on general rheology are also welcome. There will be a session dedicated to David Binding to mark his retirement and in recognition of his contributions to rheology. Distinguished rheologists who have already agreed to give plenary lectures include Don Baird, Howard Barnes, Adam Burbidge, Suzanne Fielding, Ian Frigaard, Gerry Fuller, Jeff Giacomin, Jae Hyun, David James, Joao Maia, Gareth McKinley, Paula Moldenaers, Ralph Oliver, Rob Poole, Charles Schroeder, Mats Stading, Manilio Tassieri, Manfred Wagner, and J Cooper White. Professor H Wilson (UCL) will deliver her BSR Presidential address at the conference.

Oganiser/Contact details: Dr Karl Hawkins
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.innfm.org.uk/index.php/lake-vyrnwy-meeting

11th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2017) (03/04/17 - 06/04/17)

The Annual European Rheology Conference 2017 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 3rd to 6th

The conference hosts aim to create a meeting that caters for rheologists from all scientific fields, from a variety of industrial applications to topics of more academic interest. This year the AERC will be organized jointly with the 26th Nordic Rheology Conference.

The abstract submission for the conference is open until November 30th, 2016 at http://www.aerc2017.dk/abstracts.
Conference participants have also the possibility to publish their conference papers in the Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society.

See the website for further details

Oganiser/Contact details: Nordic Rheology Society (NRS)
Conference Contact:
Johanna Aho (johanna.aho@sund.ku.dk)
Conference Website: www.aerc2017.dk

IBEREO 2015 (07/09/15 - 09/09/15)

Following the previous successful Iberian Rheology Conferences (2004, 2008, 2011 and 2013), organized jointly by the two Rheology Societies of Portugal (SPR) and Spain (GER), IBEREO 2015 will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, in the premises of the prestigious University of Coimbra, well known by its history of over 700 years, but also by recent contributions to modern science, namely through its Faculty of Science & Technology (FCTUC).
The conference will be held in the Engineering campus of FCTUC located by the river Mondego.
The conference will address the most recent trends in rheology, from experimental techniques to modeling and simulation, focusing on a variety of applications and stressing the importance of rheology for the development of new products.
The conference is open to the participation of international specialist in the field of rheology. A reputed range of keynote speakers will lead us to update knowledge in the field of the conference becoming aware of the most recent developments and tendencies in this field. We aim at creating, with this meeting, the opportunity for exchange of scientific experience among participants. State of the art rheological techniques and related equipment will be available in different stands.

Oganiser/Contact details: Maria Graça Rasteiro
Conference Website: http://www.uc.pt/en/events/ibereo15

Dense Suspension Flow (01/06/15 - 03/06/15)

We are pleased to invite applications to participate in the SoftComp Topical Workshop 'Dense Suspension Flow' to be held in Edinburgh 1-3 June 2015. Details about the meeting and information on how to apply can be found at: http://events.ph.ed.ac.uk/softcomp

Oganiser/Contact details: Alexander Morozov
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://events.ph.ed.ac.uk/softcomp

Rheologists in Scotland Meeting II (26/05/15)

“Rheologists in Scotland Meeting II” will take place on 26th May 2015 at the University of Strathclyde in Room TG310 of the Thomas Graham building, 295 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G1 1XL, starting at 11am.
The theme of the meeting is “Young Researchers in Scotland”. The event will feature a number of small podium presentations (10 to 15 minutes) along with an invited speaker presentation from Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee, of University College Dublin, on the topic of “Rheology on Gut Mucus: Towards Development of Smart Oral Nanotherapeutics”.
A posters and networking session is also included in the programme, with a prize of £250 for the best presentation/poster by a young researcher, sponsored by Anton Paar.
Attendance is free and includes lunch, but please ensure you register with Nick Hudson on n.e.hudson@strath.ac.uk.

Oganiser/Contact details: Dr N E Hudson BSc PhD
Conference Contact:
E-mail Nick Hudson on n.e.hudson@strath.ac.uk

Formulating Functional Films and Coatings (24/04/15)

Formulating Functional Films and Coatings conference will be held in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London on the 24th April and is aimed at academic and industrial scientists and engineers involved in the manufacture and the application of films and coatings, across many industrial areas from coatings, to pharmaceuticals to thin film/printable electronics, etc..
It will also be of use to users of other technologies where functions currently provided by bulk means could be achieved more sustainably with functional films and coatings, such as the use of thin coatings to provide scratch resistance / electrostatic protection to bulk materials new applications where formulation made it all possible.
Full conference details and registration can be found on the website

Oganiser/Contact details: RSC Formulation Science & Technology Group (FSTG)
Conference Contact:
Josie Harries : email Josie.Harries@domino-uk.com
Conference Website: http://www.formulation.org.uk/fffc

86th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology (05/10/14 - 09/10/14)

To be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conference Contact:
Details to be announced.
Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org/sor/annual_meeting/

6th Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology (20/07/14 - 25/07/14)

The Symposium will consist of 8 streams: 1.Self-assembling systems (Associative polymers, surfactant solutions and liquid-crystals) 2.Gels, Glasses and Granular Materials 3.Polymeric Fluids 4.Colloids, Suspensions and Emulsions 5.Food and Biological Rheology 6.Interfacial and Microrheology 7.Rheometry and experimental techniques 8.Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and 3 themes: a) Industry & Environment b) Theory vs Experiment c) Modelling & Simulations In addition the conference will include a special symposium in honour of Prof Tam Sridhar.

Conference Contact:
See website for details
Conference Website: http://www.cvent.com/d/ycqx6z

14th International Conference on Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions (11/07/14)

Field-responsive fluids and suspensions are a kind of smart materials which present the interesting characteristic that their properties can be reversibly controlled by the application of magnetic or electric fields. Magnetorheological (MR) suspensions, electrorheological (ER) fluids, and ferrofluids are classical examples of such materials. The development of these materials started in the forties of the XX century and has known a broad expansion in the last decades. Within this context the International Conferences on ER fluids and MR suspensions, which started roughly thirty years ago, have represented a platform of meeting, discussions and exchange of scientific and technological knowledge between researchers in these fields.

Oganiser/Contact details: University of Granada
Conference Contact:
Department of Applied Physics. University of Granada Fernando González-Caballero – Chair Modesto Torcuato López-López– Scientific Secretary ermr2014@gmail.com
Conference Website: http://www.ermr2014.com/program

9th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2014) (08/04/14 - 11/04/14)

The 9th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2014) in Karlsruhe, Germany, will bring together world leading experts in modern rheology. The program will be arranged around three plenary lectures with up to six parallel sessions. An experienced international scientific committee will select high quality presentations. The central location of Karlsruhe in the middle of Europe, in combination with excellent transport connections offers the chance to many scientists from all over the world to come to the AERC conference in 2014.

Oganiser/Contact details: German Rheological Society (DRG)
Conference Contact:
Prof. Dr. N. Willenbacher: Norbert Willenbacher@kit edu Prof. Dr. M. Wilhelm: Manfred Wilhelm@kit edu
Conference Website: http://www.aerc2014.kit.edu/

AERC 2013 8th Annual European Rheology Conference (02/04/13 - 05/04/13)

Leuven - Belgium

The aim of AERC 2013 is to bring together the world leading experts in the field of modern rheology.

The programme will be centered around 4 plenary lectures, including the Weissenberg award lecture, with 5 parallel sessions.

Abstracts Submissions Open

The call for abstract registration is now open and the deadline for submissions is the 30th November, 2012.

Oganiser/Contact details: Professors Peter Van Puyvelde and Patrick Anderson
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.net/AERC/2013/

The Society of Rheology 84th Annual Meeting (10/02/13 - 14/02/13)

Pasadena, California
The Society of Rheology 84th Annual Meeting will have eight thematic sessions and a poster session, which includes the annual student/post-doc poster competition. The plenary lectures will be given by Michael D. Graham (University of Wisconsin–Madison, Chemical and Biological Engineering), Charles F. Zukoski (University of Buffalo) and the 2012 Bingham Medalist, Ralph H. Colby (Penn State University, Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering). A presentation will also be given by the 2012 Metzner awardee Charles M. Schroeder III (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering). Authors should submit an abstract by October 12, 2012 through the World Wide Web using the SoR abstract submission site.

Oganiser/Contact details: Shelley Anna, Carlos Rinaldi and John Brady
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org/sor/annual_meeting/2013Feb/program.htm

DYNACOP Conference - Dynamics of Architecturally Complex Polymers: Current and Future Trends (14/12/12)

University of Leeds, UK
This is the final meeting of the DYNACOP Marie Curie Initial Training Network, and will showcase some of the leading current research in the fields of polymer dynamics, rheology and synthesis. In keeping with the training aims of the network, the meeting will bring together established world leaders in the field with younger scientists from both inside and outside the network, giving both the opportunity to present their work.

Abstracts Submissions Open

The call for abstract registration is now open and the deadline for submissions is the 14th September, 2012.

Registration Open

Conference registration is now open and the deadline for registration is Friday 2nd November, 2012. DYNACOP members are asked to register as soon as possible, and preferably before Friday 2 October, 2012.

Oganiser/Contact details: Patricia Grant
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: https://eudoxus.leeds.ac.uk/dynacop/LeedsConference.html

Suspension Processing & Suspension Engineering Rheology (10/09/12 - 11/09/12)

The organisers would like to bring to your attention this forthcoming conference on Suspension Processing & Suspension Engineering Rheology.
This meeting is devoted to the rheology and fundamentals of suspensions processing and is organised by the Joint Committee of RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group and SCI Surface and Colloid Chemistry Group and endorsed by the British Society of Rheology and the Particle Technology Group of IChemE.
The meeting will be held at Gonville and Caius College on 10 and 11 September 2012.
Early bird registration and a call for Posters is now open.

Oganiser/Contact details: Richard Buscall and Alex Routh
Conference Website: http://www.constableandsmith.com/suspensionrheology

ICR 2012 (05/08/12 - 10/08/12)

Lisbon, Portugal

Oganiser/Contact details: João Maia
Conference Contact:
e-mail: joao.maia@case.edu
Tel: +1-216-368-6372
Fax: +1-216-368-4202
Skype: jmaia.dep
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/ICR2012

ISFRS 2012 (10/04/12 - 13/04/12)

6th International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure, Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
Peter Fischer
Conference Website: http://www.isfrs.ethz.ch

BAMC 2012 (27/03/12 - 29/03/12)

The British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, covering all areas of Applied Mathematics including theoretical rheology, will be held at University College London. Plenary speakers include Yuriko Renardy (Virginia Tech.)

83rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (09/10/11 - 13/10/11)

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Contact:
Pat Mather

IbeReo 2011 - Rheology Trends: from nano to macro systems (07/09/11 - 09/09/11)

Following the two previous and successful Iberian Rheology Meetings (Beja 2004 and Madrid 2008) the Ibereo 2011 will be organized with the auspices of the Portuguese Society of Rheology (SPR) and the Spanish Rheology Group (GER), and intends to offer the opportunity to find out new advances in different topics and meet with academia and industrial researchers.
  • A book of communications published by SPR (with ISBN code) will be available at the meeting.
  • Information on state of the art rheological equipments and complementary techniques will be given
Ibereo 2011 will take place at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 3km away from Caparica Beach and 10km away from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Conference Contact:
Maria Teresa Cidade, Chairperson
Conference Website: http://www.fct.unl.pt/ibereo2011

UK Colloids 2011: An International Colloid and Surface Science Symposium (04/07/11 - 06/07/11)

De Vere Venue, Canary Wharf, London, UK


The meeting will showcase internationally leading research in this technologically important area of study.

Plenary speakers include: Professors Steve Armes, Colin Bain, Jennifer Lewis and Robert Prud’homme.

Meeting themes include:

  • Manufacture of Colloidal Systems
  • Characterisation of Colloids & Complex Fluids
  • Applications of Colloidal systems
  • Polymer Colloids Forum
  • Nanoparticles
  • General Papers

Conference Contact:
Organised by the RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group and the SCI Colloid and Surface Science Group
Conference Website: http://www.soci.org/General-Pages/Display-Event?EventCode=COLL111

ESHCM 2011 (18/06/11 - 22/06/11)

16th International Congress of the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation; 14th International Congress of Biorheology; 7th International Conference on Clinical Hemorheology. Munich, Germany.

Conference Website: http://www.3sm-2011.com

27th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (10/05/11 - 14/05/11)

Marrakesh, Morocco

Oganiser/Contact details: M. Bousmina
Conference Contact:
Email: secretariat@pps-27.com
Tel : (+212) 5 37 56 35 09
Fax : (+212) 5 37 56 35 22
Conference Website: http://www.pps-27.com

AERC 2011 (10/05/11 - 14/05/11)

7th Annual European Rheology Conference, Suzdal - Russia

Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/AERC/2011/

82nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (18/10/10 - 22/10/10)

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org

5th Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology (01/08/10 - 06/08/10)

Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Conference Website: http://prcr2010.com

26th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (04/07/10 - 07/07/10)

Banff, Canada

Conference Contact:
U. Sundararaj

International Workshop on Numerical Methods in Non-Newtonian Flows 2010 (13/06/10 - 16/06/10)

The International Workshops on Numerical Methods in Non-Newtonian Flows have been held roughly biennially, alternating between North America and Europe since 1979. The next installment in this series of workshops will be held in Northampton, Massachusetts USA on June 13-16 2010, co-organized by Mike Graham of U. Wisconsin-Madison and Jonathan Rothstein of U. Mass-Amherst. The objective of IWNMNF-2010 is to bring together researchers at the forefront of computational and experimental non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and rheology to discuss challenges, recent progress, future directions and emerging applications.

Topics covered in recent workshops include of course numerical methods for solution of differential and integral constitutive models from continuum descriptions of flowing complex fluids as well as also mathematical analysis of models of flowing complex fluids and the phenomenological and statistical mechanical framework for describing them.

An important aspect of the workshops in recent years has been mesoscopic and multiscale simulation methods. Topics have included Brownian/Stokesian dynamics approaches for hydrodynamically interacting polymer molecules in solution, dissipative particle dynamics simulations, multiscale methods such as Brownian configuration fields and atomistic approaches to polymer dynamics using MC and NEMD simulations in generalized ensembles.

Finally, we emphasize that the workshop addresses not just numerical methods but also the natural phenomena and engineering processes whose prediction and understanding motivate those methods. Materials of interest have ranged from polymer solutions and melts to liquid crystals to suspensions of carbon nanotubes to micellar surfactant solutions to blood. Phenomena include turbulent drag reduction, flow instabilities and nonlinear dynamics, flows with complex geometries, multiphase flows, shear banding, extensional rheometry and many more. Despite the name of the workshop, presentations of experimental work are essential, as motivation and validation for the newest generations of methods.

Northampton is 1 1/2 hours west of Boston, MA and 45 minutes north of Hartford, CT. The Northampton area offers many appealing features, from a quaint downtown with clubs and restaurants, museums and shops, and theaters and spas to natural splendor with rivers and mountains and opportunities for biking and hiking. The area is home to five world-class universities including the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College and Smith College. The workshop venue is the Hotel Northampton, built in 1927 and a member of Historic Hotels of America.

Conference Contact:
Mike Graham (graham@engr.wis.edu)
Jonathan Rothstein (rothstein@ecs.umass.edu).
Conference Website: http://www.ecs.umass.edu/mie/faculty/rothstein/IWNMNF_home.html

Colloidal, Macromolecular & Polyelectrolyte Solutions Gordon Research Conference (21/02/10 - 26/02/10)

The Gordon Research Conference on Colloidal, Macromolecular & Polyelectrolyte Solutions explores the frontiers of research about complex solutions of charged, macromolecular and colloidal systems and their interfaces. This conference has a strong interdisciplinary tradition bringing together materials scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists and biochemists. The conference attracts industrial, government and academic scientists to a stimulating set of presentations and discussions. The program highlights the exciting impact of colloidal, macromolecular and polyelectrolyte solutions on materials and on the traditional subject areas of self-assembly and nanostructures. The conference will present the latest exciting results of top researchers in the colloid, polymer and polyelectrolyte fields. Poster sessions will also provide a mechanism for presentation and discussion of the work of conference participants; participants are strongly encouraged to present a poster and should contact the vice chairs for details.

Topics Include: Colloidal Interactions, Particle Assembly, Manipulation of Colloids with Flow, Attractive Colloids and Gels, Ions in Polymers, Complex Fluid Structure Control, Macromolecules in Complex Environments, Macromolecules in Electric Fields, Future Trends

Oral Presentations:
Dimitris Vlassopoulos (FORTH), "Glassy dynamics and flow control in soft interpenetrating colloids"
Victor Breedveld (GaTech), "Soft Colloidal Microgels"
Surita Bhatia (UMass), "Formation of Large-Scale Structures in Attractive Colloidal Dispersions and Associative Polymer Gels"
Steve Granick (UIUC), "Janus colloids"
Marjolein Dijkstra (Utrecht), "Self-assembly of colloidal particles: Predicting and designing new structures"
Keith Johnston (Texas), "Multifunctional Nanoclusters"
Pat Doyle (MIT), "Advances in microfluidic technologies to synthesize complex microparticles"
Patrick Spicer (P&G), "Designing Complex Fluid Microstructures"
Wilson Poon (Edinburgh), "Imaging the flow of concentrated colloidal suspensions and emulsions"
Ilona Kretzschmar (CCNY), "Patchy particles in fields and gradients"
Carlos Rinaldi (UPRM), "Magnetic Nanoparticles as Probes and Actuators in Complex Fluids"
Monica Olvera de la Cruz (Northwestern), "Asymmetric Interactions and Assembly of Positive and Negative Charged Nanoparticles in Water"
Nitash Balsara (Berkeley), "Block Copolymer Electrolytes for Batteries and Fuel Cells"
Robert Weiss (Akron), "Rheology of Ionomers"
Shiyong Liu (USTC), "Responsive Polymer-Based Multifunctional Chemosensors"
Christos Likos (Düsseldorf), "Behavior of branched polymers in confinement and under shear flow"
Julian Eastoe (Bristol), "Surfactant Modifiers for Carbon Dioxide"
Jim Schneider (CMU), "Monomer Exchange Dynamics Probed using DNA Surfactants"
Gary Slater (Ottawa), "Electroosmotic flow: coating capillary walls with neutral and charged polymers"
Christian Holm (Stuttgart), "Electrophoretic motion of charged macromolecules"
Benjamin Chu (Stony brook), "A Perspective on Future Trends"

Discussion Leaders:
Michael Rubinstein (UNC)
Eric Kaler (Stony Brook)
Thomas Epps (Delaware)
Darrell Velegol (Penn State)
Walter Richtering (Aachen)
Jeffery Fowler (Syngenta)
Philip Sullivan (Schlumberger)
Alan Nakatani (Dow)
Charles Schroeder (UIUC)

Please apply online. All applicants are strongly encouraged to present a poster at the meeting. The application deadline for this meeting is January 31, 2010; but applying earlier is highly recommended.

Conference Contact:
Lynn Walker (CMU)
Conference Website: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010&program=colloidal

5th Australian-Korean Rheology Conference (01/11/09 - 04/11/09)

The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Conference Contact:
Prof. Roger Tanner
Assoc. Prof. Howard See
Dr Ahmad Jabbarzadeh
Conference Website: http://www.chem.eng.usyd.edu.au/akrc09/

81st Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (18/10/09 - 22/10/09)

Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Conference Contact:
Jeff Giacomin

Polymer Processing Conference in Cyprus (PPS-2009) (18/10/09 - 21/10/09)

Larnaca, Cyprus

Conference Website: www.PPS-2009.com

World Congress of Chemical Engineering (23/08/09 - 27/08/09)

Symposium: Rheology in Chemical Processing and Chemical Product Design.

This topical symposium is dedicated to the importance of Rheology in the rational design and analysis of manufacturing processes and formulation of chemical products. Special importance will be given to contributions that are focused on the relationship between molecular architecture and rheology, structure development during processing and its influence on product properties, as well as rheology as a tool to optimize processing. Two student awards, for best oral and poster presentations, will be sponsored by the Canadian Society of Rheology.

In this sense, this symposium will present recent rheological advances in relation to processing and formulation of complex materials such as plastics, biomaterials, rubbers, lubricants, paints, foodstuffs, adhesives, composites, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

The proposed specific topics are:

  • Polymer melts and solutions
  • Biomaterials, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Rheometry in combination with other physical techniques
  • Nanocomposites, composites and solids
  • Computational rheology and Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
  • Foods and Colloids (foams, emulsions and suspensions)
  • Interfacial rheology and microfluidics
  • Microstructural modelling
  • Surfactants and detergents

Conference Contact:
Prof. Crispulo Gallegos
Departamento de Ingenieria Quimica
Universidad de Huelva
Campus de «El Carmen»
21071 Huelva, Spain
Tel: +34 959 21 99 87

Dr. Abdellah Ajji
Industrial Materials Institute
National Research Council Canada
75 Boul. De Mortagne
Boucherville, QC, J4B 6Y4
Tel. 1-450-641-5244
Conference Website: http://www.wcce8.org/

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting (02/08/09 - 05/08/09)

Vail, Colorado.

To include the 8th Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing Processes.

Conference Contact:
Dennis Siginer dsiginer@pi.ac.ae.
Conference Website: http://www.asmeconferences.org/fedsm09/

Novel trends in rheology III (28/07/09 - 29/07/09)

Czech Society of Rheology Conference, to be held in Zlin, Czech Republic.

Conference Contact:
Martin Zatloukal, mzatloukal@ft.utb.cz.
Conference Website: http://noveltrends.ft.utb.cz/

5th International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure (15/06/09 - 18/06/09)

ETH Zurich.

Includes keynote speakers: Saad Khan (North Carolina State University, USA): Functional biomaterials: From hydrogels to nanofibers; Mike Gidley (University of Queensland, Australia): Structure and rheology in plant-based foods: cellwalls, cells, and tissues; and Matthias Fuchs (University Konstanz, Germany).

Conference Contact:
Peter Fischer
Conference Website: http://www.isfrs.ethz.ch

AERC 2009 (15/04/09 - 17/04/09)

The 5th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2009) will be held in Cardiff, UK. The aim of AERC 2009 is to contribute to the advancement of Rheology by bringing together interested researchers from Europe and the rest of the world, and bridging traditional themes with modern trends. Following the tradition of European Rheology meetings, AERC 2009 will be a 3-day conference split into symposia that reflect mainstream or emerging areas of Rheology.

Conference Contact:
As a BSR-sponsored meeting, more information is available on our meetings page.
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/AERC/2009/

CM '09 (24/02/09 - 26/02/09)

The 4th IASME / WSEAS International Conference on Continuum Mechanics, to be held in Cambridge, UK.

Conference Website: http://www.wseas.org/

De Gennes Discussion Conference (02/02/09 - 05/02/09)

"From reptation to glassy materials: de Gennes pioneering work in rheology and recent developments" will be held in Chamonix (France) nestled at the foot of Mont Blanc. This Conference aims at gathering a wide community involved in the fields of rheology for which de Gennes' contributions have been decisive. The Conference will be based on invited lectures by distinguished experts in different fields. The presentations will be distributed in thematic workshops in which all the participants will have the possibility to present a poster after a short plenary oral presentation (of about 5 min.). Also, round tables will be organized.

The main topics are:

  1. Polymer melt rheology and dynamics
  2. Polymers in solutions and specific interactions
  3. Polymers at surfaces and interfaces
  4. Suspensions

Conference Website: http://www.degennesconference.fr/

Microstructure and Rheology (15/12/08 - 16/12/08)

BSR midwinter meeting
As a BSR meeting, more details can be found on the meetings page.

Conference Contact:
John Embery, University of Leeds;
e-mail J.Embery@leeds.ac.uk.
Conference Website: meetings.asp

SASOR, 2nd Southern African Conference on Rheology (06/10/08 - 08/10/08)

Cape Town, South Africa at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Conference Website: http://www.sasor.co.za/

TOP — 4th International Conference on Times of Polymers-TOP and Composites (21/09/08 - 24/09/08)

TOP is an evolving, dynamic conference that embraces cutting edge research topics and emerging scientists. It was thought having as a primary objective the meeting of a number of scientists working within the area of timescales of polymers, conceived as the background driving force for the progress of knowledge in many field of Polymer Science. For this reason the TOP Conference had sessions on various topics including Viscoelasticity, Adhesion, Processing, Transport phenomena, Tissue Engineering, Fracture and Yielding, Sensors, Thin films, Cultural Heritage, Biopolymers, Durability of Polymers and Composites, Nano-Composites. In the last edition (held on June 2006) 150 delegates were registered at conference desk; the program consisted in a total of 70 oral presentations (including the plenary lecture and five invited lectures) plus 60 poster contributions. Such a good response together with the presence of many young scientists were taken as good arguments to consider the replica of the Conference.

Conference Website: http://www.unina2.it/top/

E-MRS 2008 — European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting (15/09/08 - 19/09/08)

Warsaw, Poland.

Conference Contact:
Conference Secretariat, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, 141 Woloska Street, 02-507 Warsaw, Poland; phone: (+48 22 6608441)
Conference Website: http://www.e-mrs.org/meetings/fall2007/

Complex Fluids and Microfluidics Workshop 2008 (01/09/08 - 02/09/08)

The first Complex Fluids & Microfluidics Workshop, CFMW2008, will be held in Melbourne, Australia on 1-2 September 2008, immediately after the International Congress on Theoretical & Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) in Adelaide (1 hour flight away), which runs from 24-30 August 2008. We intend the workshop to be an informal gathering of researchers working in complex fluids and microfluidics with the primary purpose of providing a forum for cross-fertilisation of ideas on current advances and future directions in the following areas:
  • Complex Fluids
  • Polymeric liquids
  • Colloidal suspensions
  • Physiological/biological fluids
  • Granular materials
  • Surfactant-laden systems
  • Micro/Nanofluidics
  • Fluid actuation and droplet transport
  • Pathogen/biomolecule concentration
  • Micro-mixing
  • Separation
  • Bioparticle sorting
  • DNA manipulation

Conference Contact:
Dr Leslie Yeo (Email: leslie.yeo@eng.monash.edu.au; Tel.: + 61 3 9905 3834; Fax: + 61 3 9905 4943)
Dr Ravi Prakash Jagadeeshan (Email: ravi.jagadeeshan@eng.monash.edu.au; Tel.: + 61 3 9905 3274; Fax: + 61 3 9905 5686)
A/Prof James Friend (Email: james.friend@eng.monash.edu.au; Tel./Fax: + 61 3 9905 3551)
Conference Website: http://users.monash.edu.au/~lyeo/CFMW08/CFMW08.html

The 11th conference on Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions (25/08/08 - 29/08/08)

Dresden, Germany.

Conference Website: http://www.tu-dresden.de/ERMR08

ICTAM2008 - 22nd International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (24/08/08 - 30/08/08)

The Congress, ICTAM 2008, was invited by the Australian Academy of Science upon the recommendation of the Australian and New Zealand Theoretical and Applied Mechanics communities. A consortium of universities in South Australia will host the meeting. The Congress venue is the Adelaide Convention Centre. President of ICTAM 2008 is Professor Ernie Tuck of the University of Adelaide.

The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is an international non-governmental scientific organisation belonging to the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU). It was founded in 1948, with the objectives to form a link between persons and organisations engaged in scientific work in mechanics and related fields, and to promote the development of mechanics, both theoretical and applied, as a scientific discipline.

The International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) is held every four years. It provides an important means of meeting the objectives of IUTAM through the gathering of the mechanics community. The first ICTAM was held in 1924, in Delft, The Netherlands. A list of past ICTAM Congresses and their locations can be found by following the links to the left.

Conference Contact:
Jim Denier / x61.8.8303.3696 / ictam2008@adelaide.edu.au
Conference Website: http://prandtl.maths.adelaide.edu.au/ictam2008/

North American Thermal Analysis Society (18/08/08 - 20/08/08)

Rheology Session, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Conference Contact:
Jai Pathak
Conference Website: http://www.natasinfo.org

XVth International Congress on Rheology and 80th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (03/08/08 - 08/08/08)

Monterey, California, USA

Conference Contact:
Professor Gerald G. Fuller
Chemical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-5025, USA
Email: ggf@stanford.edu

Professor Robert L. Powell
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616, USA
Email: rlpowell@ucdavis.edu
Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org/ICR2008/

13th International Conference of Biorheology (09/07/08 - 13/07/08)

Joint with the 6th International Conference in Clinical Hemorheology. To be held at State College, Pennsylvania, USA.

Conference Contact:
Herbert Lipowsky / 1-814-865-1407 / hhlbio@engr.psu.edu
Herbert Meiselman / 1-323-442-1268 / meiselma@usc.edu
Conference Website: http://www.outreach.psu.edu/programs/isbisch

IACM/ECCOMAS Congress 2008 (30/06/08 - 05/07/08)

The International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) and the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) are happy to announce the joint organization of the 8th. World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM8) and the 5th. European Congress con Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2008), to be held at the Lido Island in Venice (Italy).

Conference Contact:
Mrs. Cristina Forace
International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)
Edificio C-1, Campus Norte UPC
C/Gran Capitan, s/n,
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 401 74 41
E-mail: iacm-eccomas08@cimne.upc.edu
Fax: +34 93 401 65 17
Conference Website: http://www.iacm-eccomascongress2008.org

7th World Surfactants Congress: CESIO 2008 (22/06/08 - 25/06/08)

Paris will host the 7th World Surfactants Congress (CESIO 2008) which will convene at the Palais des Congrès, from June 22 to 25, 2008.

Organised by the French Association for Surfactants (ASPA), on behalf of the European Committee of Surfactants and their Organic Intermediates (CESIO), this major event will gather colleagues, customers and business partners from all over the world to exchange their professional experiences on the Congress main theme: "Surfactants, the key to your sustainable applications"

Conference Contact:
CESIO 2008 c/o MCI - 24 rue Chauchat - 75009 Paris - France
Tel: 33 (0)1 53 85 82 66 - Fax: 33 (0)1 53 85 82 83
Email: cesio2008@mci-group.com
Conference Website: http://www.cesio2008.com/

9th International Hydrocolloids Conference (15/06/08 - 20/06/08)

Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Hydrocolloid Structure and Interactions with Natural Food Ingredients and Pharmaceuticals. Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore.

Conference Contact:
International Hydrocolloids Conference 2008 Manager
c/o Integrated Meetings Specialist Pte Ltd
Blk 998 Toa Payoh North #07-18/19
Singapore 318993

Tel: +65 6356 4727
Fax: +65 6356 7471
Email: ihc@inmeet.com.sg
Conference Website: http://www.9ihc.org/

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-24) (15/06/08 - 19/06/08)

Salerno, Italy.

The Conference will be structured into several symposia encompassing all thematics relative to the formulation, conversion and shaping operations applied to polymeric systems toward the optimization of products tailored to specific uses. In particular the following topics will be covered:

  1. Polymer Transformations (Extrusion, Coating, Fibre Spinning, Injection Moulding, etc.)
  2. Blends and Alloys (Mixing, Compounding, Foaming, ...)
  3. Processing of Composites and Filled Systems
  4. Analysis and Characterization (Thermal stability, Morphology, Aging...)
  5. Bio-Based Polymers and Natural Fibers Composites
  6. Rheology & Rheometry
  7. Modelling and Simulation
  8. Process Monitoring, Control & Sensors
  9. Polymers for advanced applications (Biomedical, Electronics and Optics Applications)
  10. New Processes and Testing Methodologies

The deadline for the abstract submission (max. 300 Words) is November 1st, 2007. All the relevant information for attending the Conference and for submitting an abstract is available on the conference web site.

Conference Contact:
Prof. Giuseppe Titomanlio
Conference Chair, PPS-24
University of Salerno
email: secretariat@pps-24.com.
Conference Website: http://www.pps-24.com/

INNFM meeting: Complex Flows in Complex Fluids (17/03/08 - 19/03/08)

See BSR Meetings.

Rheology Webseminar from Malvern Instruments (18/12/07)

RHEOLOGY FOCUS FORUM: "Time-Temperature Superposition in Rheology" - A Review Presented by Dr. Jai A. Pathak, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Ever since its discovery and critical study by some of the pioneers of polymer rheology and viscoelasticity (Leaderman, Tobolsky, Ferry, Plazek et al), time-temperature superposition (tTS) has proved to be a very useful tool to rheologists, enabling us to extend the time/frequency range of experimental data by amalgamating data at different temperatures to produce a single master curve that can often cover the glass transition, transition zone, rubbery plateau and terminal/flow regimes of linear viscoelasticity.

In this talk, we will review some of the classical data in the literature (from creep, oscillatory shear and stress relaxation measurements) on homopolymers. We will also point out how tTS fails for some polymers (eg polystyrene) in the glass transition zone of viscoelasticity. Furthermore, we will discuss the cautionary approach needed to assess the validity of tTS accurately for a system while avoiding common pitfalls and we will also cover the applicability of tTS to, multi-component systems (eg blends, block copolymers, soultions, etc.

Oganiser/Contact details: Malvern Instruments
Conference Contact:
Lynda Watson,
Malvern Instruments Ltd,
Email: lynda.watson@malvern.com
Tel: 01684 581367
Fax: 01684 892789
Conference Website: http://www.malvern.com/malvern/semmgr.nsf/webseminar?OpenView&site=eng&view=eng

Novel Materials (17/10/07 - 21/10/07)

3rd International Symposium Novel Materials and their Synthesis (NMS-III), Shanghai, China.

Conference Contact:
Prof. Yuping Wu
Department of Chemistry
Fudan University
Shanghai, 200433 China
Tel.: +86 21 55664223
E-mail: wuyp@fudan.edu.cn

79th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (07/10/07 - 11/10/07)

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Oganiser/Contact details: Jaye Magda
Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org/sor/annual_meeting/2007Oct/default.htm

FIT 2007: Franco-Israeli Trends in soft matter, biophysics and microfluidics (07/10/07 - 10/10/07)

After Haifa (1992), Saint-Malo (1996) and Tel-Aviv (2002), we are pleased to announce the 4th Franco-Israeli binational conference: "Franco-Israeli Trends in soft matter, biophysics and microfluidics" (FIT 2007), which will be held in Biarritz on the southwest coast of France from the 7th to the 10th of October, 2007.

Soft matter communities in France and Israel are very active and have developed strong ties over the years. The spirit of a recurring binational meeting has therefore been to create an opportunity for scientists from our countries to share their most recent findings with a view to promoting exchanges and collaborations. The success of the past joint conferences has indeed demonstrated the relevance of such an idea.

While Israeli and French researchers may feel especially concerned, this conference is of course open to all.

Conference Contact:
Email: fit2007@crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr
Phone: +33 5 56 84 56 15 (alternatively ...56 25 or ...56 63)
Fax: +33 5 56 84 56 00
FIT 2007
avenue Schweitzer
33600 Pessac
Conference Website: http://fit2007.crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr/

International Soft Matter Conference 2007 (01/10/07 - 05/10/07)

Aachen, Germany

Oganiser/Contact details: G. Gompper
Conference Contact:
+49 2461 61 3008 / +41 2461 61 5333 / ismc@fz-juelich.de
Conference Website: http://www.fz-juelich.de/iff/ismc2007/

5th International Workshop on Complex Systems (26/09/07 - 28/09/07)

The Workshop will be held in Sendai, Japan, as one of satellite meetings of the 4th International Conference on Flow Dynamics. It is intended to be a meeting of about 150 participants. Our goal is to bring together the qualified researchers who are making excellent effort to study the complex systems in different fields and to discuss the underlying issues. The main topics of the Meeting are (1) Glass Transition, (2) Complex Fluids, and (3) Polymer Dynamics.

Conference Contact:
Michio Tokuyama
Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
Sendai 980-8577, Japan
Phone: 81 ( Japan ) -22-217-5327
Fax: 81 ( Japan ) -22-217-5327
Email: IWCS2007@athena22.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp
Conference Website: http://www.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp/tokuyama-lab/IWCS2007/

IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Micro- and Nanofluidics (06/09/07 - 08/09/07)

Dresden, Germany

Oganiser/Contact details: Prof. Nikolaus Adams
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.aer.mw.tum.de/IUTAM/

Euromech Colloquium 492: Shear-banding phenomena in entangled systems (03/09/07 - 05/09/07)

Many entangled systems, including micelle solutions and living polymers, commonly show flow instabilities and flow-induced transitions that result in spatially heterogeneous, shear banded states. The study of such fluids has mushroomed in recent years, and this meeting will provide an opportunity for the European shear-banding community to push the field forward.

Current issues in the study of these fluids may benefit from a wide discussion spanning theory, experiments and simulation. Our goal is to clarify all the different features currently observed in shear-banding systems, improve understanding of the microstructural processes at work and identify the future work needed.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Diffusive processes close to shear-band interfaces
  • Gradients in alignment vs. in concentration
  • Fluctuations and instabilities within shear flows
  • The influence of wall effects
  • How can we improve experiments and constitutive models?
This conference will be held at the Bloomsbury campus of University College London, UK

Conference Contact:
Dr. Helen Wilson
Tel: +44 20 7679 1302
Fax: +44 20 7383 5519
Email: helen.wilson@ucl.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/euromech492/

IUPAC International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization 2007 (IP '07) (02/09/07 - 07/09/07)

IP '07 will address contemporary research, both fundamental and applied, in the areas of anionic, cationic, and ring opening polymerizations. Papers related to other techniques of living/controlled polymerization are welcome in so far as they broaden the scope of ionic polymerizations.

This conference will be held in Kloster Banz (Banz Monastery), near Bayreuth, Germany.

It will be followed by the Bayreuth Polymer Symposium BPS'07 (http://www.bps-bayreuth.de/) Sep. 9-11, 2007.

Conference Contact:
Chairman: Prof. Axel Müller
Macromolecular Chemistry II
Universität Bayreuth
D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany
Tel: +49-921-553399
Fax: +49-921-553393
Email: ip07@uni-bayreuth.de
Conference Website: www.ip07.net

Rheo-Iceland 2007 (30/08/07 - 31/08/07)

International Symposium on Rheology of Cement Suspensions as such as Fresh Concrete, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Conference Website: http://www.rilem.net/eventDetails.php?event=152

1st Unilever International Conference on Multi-scale Structures and Dynamics of Complex Systems (29/08/07 - 31/08/07)

To be held at the Fragrance Hill Hotel, Beijing, China. More information on the flyer.

MMC-12: 12th IUPAC International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes (27/08/07 - 31/08/07)

The International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes (MMC) brings together leading scientists and engineers to discuss the latest advances in MacroMolecular Complexes, which include macromolecule-metal complexes, polynuclear complexes, capped metal nanoparticles, organic-inorganic hybrids, supramolecular complexes and self-assembled materials, and polyelectrolytes. Not only syntheses and characterization of those materials but also various properties and functions like conductive, photophysical, catalytic, electronic, optical, magnetic and biological ones as well as their application are included for discussion.

This conference will be held in the Fukuoka International Congress Center Fukuoka, Japan.

Conference Contact:
MMC-12 2007
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
744 Moto-oka, Nishi-ku
Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan)
Fax: +81-92-802-2838
E-mail: mmc-12tcm@mbox.nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Conference Website: http://www.ed.yama.tus.ac.jp/~mmc-12/

5th Joint ASME/JSME Fluids Engineering Conference (30/07/07 - 02/08/07)

The Fluids Engineering Divisions of ASME and JSME will be holding their 5th Joint ASME/JSME Fluids Engineering Conference in beautiful San Diego, California. The Fluids Engineering Conference is a great place to present your ideas and to meet colleagues, as we all work to develop and advance fluids engineering technology and its application to solving real world problems. The conference will address the needs of the fluids engineering community on a wide range of topics in analysis, numerical methods, and experiments in single phase and multiphase flows and applications.

Conference Contact:
Dr. George Papadopoulos
Manager, Advanced Concepts Group
77 Raynor Ave
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA
Conference Website: http://www.asmeconferences.org/FEDSM07/

IXth International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials (08/07/07 - 12/07/07)

The conference provides a unique scope involving a blend of science, technology and business. It brings together leading international scientists, engineers, top-level industrial management and business executives for discussions on the status of advanced materials, new technologies and industrial and business opportunities. The conference is truly multidisciplinary and global with participation of scientists, engineers, industrialists and business representatives.

The conference will be held in Cracow, Poland.

Conference Contact:
M. Sc. M. Bednarz, (registration & coordination) and M. Sc. E. Blaz, (coordination & www service)
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Cracow, POLAND
Tel: (+48) 12 628 21 19
Fax: (+48) 12 628 20 38
E-mail: 9icfpam@pk.edu.pl
Conference Website: http://www.9icfpam.pk.edu.pl/

MC8: Advancing Materials by Chemical Design (02/07/07 - 05/07/07)

Symposia will be held across the traditional core areas of Materials Chemistry, namely, Soft Matter, Solid State Materials, Nanomaterials and Biomaterials. Interdisciplinary topics will also be featured.

MC8 will be held at the Bloomsbury Campus, University College London.

Conference Contact:
Royal Society of Chemistry
Thomas Graham House
Science Park
Milton Road
Cambridge CB4 0WF
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 432380
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 423623
Email: mc8@rsc.org
Conference Website: http://www.rsc.org/MC8

Modern Physical Chemistry for Advanced Materials (MPC '07) (26/06/07 - 30/06/07)

The main emphasis will be on the contribution of physical chemistry into the modern material science. Oral and poster presentations will be organized around the following main topics:
  • physical chemistry of true and organized solutions (thermodynamics; physico-organic chemistry; electrochemistry; spectroscopic methods);
  • supramolecular chemistry, nanochemistry, microreactors, macromolecules, sensors;
  • physical chemistry of interfaces; chromatography; catalysis; hybrid materials;
  • theoretical methods in modeling molecules and molecular assemblies; computer synthesis; design of materials.

Conference Website: http://izmailov2007.univer.kharkov.ua/

2nd International Conference on Advances in Petrochemicals and Polymers (ICAPP 2007) (25/06/07 - 28/06/07)

Bangkok, Thailand

Oganiser/Contact details: Asst.Prof. Ratana Rujiravanit
Conference Contact:
66-2-218-4132 / 66-2-215-4459 / icapp2007@chula.ac.th
Conference Website: http://www.ppc.chula.ac.th/icapp2007.html

Moving forward wastewater biosolids sustainability (24/06/07 - 27/06/07)

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Oganiser/Contact details: IWA
Conference Contact:
+1 506 387 7977 / +1 506 387 7389 / gmscpcp@nbnet.nb.ca
Conference Website: www.iwabiosolidsmoncton2007.ca

81st Colloid & Surface Science Symposium (24/06/07 - 27/06/07)

ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Science
Abstract deadline February 15, 2007.

Conference Contact:
Eric W. Kaler, Eric M. Furst and Norman J. Wagner, University of Delaware.
Conference Website: http://www.engr.udel.edu/Colloids2007/

Nordic Rheology Conference 2007 (13/06/07 - 15/06/07)

The NRC 2007 will cover all of the areas of rheology and all kinds of contributions are welcomed. The theme for this conference will be "Emulsions and suspensions" with contributions from people working with food, polymers, drilling fluids, cement, pharmaceuticals, paint, pulp etc.

The goal of the conference is a gathering of people interested in the scientific, technical and industrial application within the science of rheology.

Conference Contact:
Presenters should send a one-page abstract to the editor Johanna Aho (Johanna.aho@tut.fi) by the 15th of February 2007. Contributions within all areas of rheology are welcomed.
Conference Website: http://www.nordicrheologysociety.org/conference/

IUTAM Symposium on Recent Advances in Multiphase Flows: Numerical and Experimental (11/06/07 - 14/06/07)

Istanbul, Turkey

Oganiser/Contact details: Andreas Acrivos, Can Delale
Conference Contact:
Elmas Anli / +90(212) 285 3192 / +90(212) 285 3139 / iutam2007@itu.edu.tr
Conference Website: http://iutam2007.itu.edu.tr/index.php

Macromolecules for a Safe, Sustainable and Healthy World (10/06/07 - 13/06/07)

We would like to invite you to attend this international conference on the mission and challenges of global polymer science and technology for the next century. The topic is a timely one - it is 4 years since the last meeting in this series and many nations are now considering future directions for polymer research. In industry, the focus of polymers is changing and the meeting will enable industrial scientists to take part and provide input. The conference is jointly supported by the Polymer and the PMSE Divisions of the American Chemical Society and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Polymer Division.

Conference Contact:
Lesia Linkous
ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, 410 Davidson Hall 0279, VA Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel: +1-540-231-3052
Fax: +1-540-231-2588
Email: lesiar@vt.edu
Conference Website: http://www.polyacs.org/arcmeetings/macromolecules.607.shtml

XVth International Workshop on Numerical Methods for non-Newtonian Flows - IWNMNNF 2007 (06/06/07 - 10/06/07)


The objective of IWNMNNF-2007 is to bring together researchers at the forefront of computational and experimental non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and rheology to discuss challenges, recent progress and future directions in modeling and simulation of non-Newtonian flows.

We invite contributions on continuum level and multiscale algorithms as well as high performance implementation strategies for the simulation of non-Newtonian flows of microstructured fluids. Experimental research contributions that report novel flow phenomena and/or provide insights into constitutive modeling and new data for code validation are also highly encouraged.

Conference proceedings will be published in the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (JNNFM).

Conference Contact:
Evan Mitsoulis / Vlasis Mavrantzas
Conference Website: http://www.complexfluids.ethz.ch/IWNMNNF2007

EUPOC 2007 - Europolymer Conference (27/05/07 - 01/06/07)

Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy.

This EUPOC conference will bring together experts in a selected group of topics that encompass novel complex macromolecular architectures, rheology and process modeling. The goal is to provide a broader context of scientific exchange along the themes of complex molecular assemblies, multiphase polymer systems, composite and nanocomposite materials, reactive systems, numerical simulation of flow behavior in polymer processing. Presentations will examine common issues from macromolecular structure to process modeling through rheology and morphological control. In particular, the role of detailed macromolecular architectures, multiphase systems including surfaces and interfaces, fillers and nanofillers as well as reactive systems on the rheological behavior to the various aspects of process modeling will be explored.
The deadline for abstract submission and for registration is 15 March 2007.

Conference Contact:
Organiser: M. Laus.
Contact: Miss Maria G. Viola
Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Università di Pisa
Via Risorgimento, 35 - 56126 Pisa (Italy)
Fax +39-050-28438
Email: mgv@dcci.unipi.it
Conference Website: http://www.dcci.unipi.it/eupoc2007/

PPS-23: The Polymer Processing Society 23rd Annual Meeting (27/05/07 - 31/05/07)

Salvador, Brazil

Conference Contact:
Organizing Committee
  Elias Hage Jr - Phone: (55 16) 3351-8530
  Luiz A. Pessan - Phone: (55 16) 3351-8533
Fax: (55 16) 3361-5404


Mailing address:
  Universidade Federal de São Carlos - UFSCar
  Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais - DEMa
  Rodovia Washington Luiz, km 235
  13565-905 - São Carlos - São Paulo - Brazil
  PO Box 676

Conference Website: http://www.pps-23.com/

PolyChar15 (16/04/07 - 20/04/07)

POLYCHAR-15 World Forum on Advanced Materials will be held in Búzios, Brazil, on April 17-20, 2007. It will be preceded by the 15th Polymer Characterization Tutorial on Monday April 16, 2007. The venue for both is the Atlântico Búzios Convention & Resort (www.atlanticobuzios.com.br).

Conference Contact:
Elizabete Lucas (IMA/UFRJ) - Coordinator
Email: polychar15@ima.ufrj.br
Conference Website: http://www.ima.ufrj.br/polychar15

4th Annual European Rheology Conference (12/04/07 - 14/04/07)

Naples, Italy

Oganiser/Contact details: Nino Grizzuti
Conference Contact:
Miss Francesca R. Titomanlio / aerc2007@rheology-esr.com
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/AERC/2007/

1st International Conference on Industrial Processes for Nano and Micro Products (03/04/07 - 04/04/07)

BHR Group is pleased to announce that the 1st International Conference on Industrial Processes for Nano and Micro Products will be held in London, from 3 - 4 April 2007. Offers of papers are invited until 12 January 2007.

Recent advances in the manufacturing, manipulation and characterisation of nanoscale particles and emulsions have already made it possible to use nanomaterials in numerous product formulations and the commercialisation of products with improved performance a reality. Rapid developments in the area have the potential for applications in a wide range of industrial sectors including electronics, coatings, wear resistance, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These developments have opened new avenues for further research in a multi-disciplinary area.

Conference Contact:
Diane Coppenhall, Conference Organiser
BHR Group Limited
The Fluid Engineering Centre
Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1234 750422
Fax: +44 (0) 1234 750074
Conference Website: http://www.bhrgroup.com/confsite/NT07home.htm

Conference on "Whither Rheology?" (02/04/07 - 04/04/07)


The conference will commence at 12 noon on Monday April 2nd and finish at lunchtime on Wednesday, April 4th, 2007. The theme of the Conference will be “Whither Rheology?” Each Plenary Lecture will outline the main thrusts and highlights in the field hitherto, followed by a discussion of where the field is heading (or ought to be heading) in the future. Distinguished rheologists who have already agreed to give plenary lectures include D V Boger (Melbourne, Australia), Igor Emri (Slovenia), A J Giacomin (Madison, USA), J C Hyun (Korea), D F James (Canada), T C B McLeish (Leeds), J Mewis (Leuven), J R A Pearson (Schlumberger, Cambridge),T N Phillips (Cardiff), R I Tanner (Sydney, Australia) and M H Wagner (Berlin). We shall attempt to cover a number of important areas of current Rheological research by inviting the plenary speakers to present 45 min. lectures on their particular expertise. This will be followed by supporting lectures on the same theme. In this connection, A Likhtman and R Graham (both from Leeds), D G Baird (Virginia, USA), S Nigen-Chaidron (Shell, France), M A M Alves (Portugal), F T Pinho (Portugal), A R Davies (Cardiff), H J Wilson (U C London), A Stickland (ICI) and R Buscall (Consultant) have already agreed to lecture.

Professor M R Mackley (Cambridge) will deliver his BSR Presidential address at the conference.


The meeting will be held at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel near the village of Llanwddyn in Mid Wales. The hotel is situated in a 24,000 acre country estate with magnificent views overlooking the lake and the Berwyn mountains. It offers excellent accommodation with full conference facilities.


The total cost of the meeting (with meals and accommodation from Monday lunch to Wednesday breakfast) will be £380. Participants registering before 20 February 2007 will receive a £30 discount on their registration fee. Accompanying persons sharing a room with a participant will be charged £100.

Conference Contact:
Hotel bookings and registration matters should be addressed to Dr G W Roberts: +44 1248 382480 / +44 1248 361429 / g.w.roberts@bangor.ac.uk

High Performance Fillers 2007 (14/03/07 - 15/03/07)

Hamburg, Germany

Oganiser/Contact details: Professor Roger Rothon
Conference Contact:
Fax +44 (0)1939-252416 / rothon@virtual-chester.net
Conference Website: http://www.rapra.net/products_and_services/Conferences/High_Performance_Fillers_2007_Conference.asp?

10th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings (13/03/07 - 15/03/07)

Perth, Australia

Oganiser/Contact details: Dr Andy Fourie
Conference Contact:
+61 8 64883300 / +61 8 64881130 / acg@acg.uwa.edu.au
Conference Website: http://www.paste07.com/

Flow in Glassy Systems (05/02/07 - 09/02/07)

European Rheology School
Les Houches.

Conference Contact:
J-L. Barrat (LPMCN, CNRS, Univ Lyon 1)
P. Coussot (Institut Navier, Marne la Vallée)
Conference Website: http://lpmcn.univ-lyon1.fr/houches2007/

A Feast of Polymer Physics (17/01/07)

The Polymer IRC invites you to a one day symposium to celebrate the contribution to Polymer Physics by Professor Geoff Davies, Dr Alan Duckett and Dr Mike Brereton of the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds.

Invited Speakers: Greg Mckenna, Texas Tech University; Grant Smith, University of Utah; Greg Rutledge, M.I.T.; Daniel Read, University of Leeds.

Conference Contact:
Helen Clancy (Email h.e.clancy@leeds.ac.uk)
Conference Website: http://www.polymerirc.org/

International Workshop on Current Challenges in Liquid and Glass Science (10/01/07 - 12/01/07)

Abingdon, UK

Oganiser/Contact details: Phil Salmon
Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.isis.rl.ac.uk/disordered/SpencerFest/

BSR 2006 Annual MeetingDynamics of Biofluids and Biomaterials (11/12/06 - 12/12/06)

The 2006 BSR annual meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to explore the frontier research on dynamics of biofluids and biomaterials from molecular to cellular and tissue length scales and on micro-fabrication of biomaterials. To be held at the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre.

Conference Contact:
Dr Xue-Feng Yuan / +44-(0)161-306-4887 / +44-(0)161-306-4911 / xue-feng.yuan@manchester.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://innfm.swan.ac.uk:80/bsr/frontend/meetings.asp

4ème Colloque Internationale de Rhéologie (18/11/06 - 20/11/06)

Oran, Algeria

Oganiser/Contact details: M Lounis
Conference Contact:
+ 213 66 97 83 84 / loumou2000@yahoo.fr

ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (05/11/06 - 10/11/06)

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Conference Website: http://www.asmeconferences.org/Congress06/

Rhéologie des Suspensions de l'environnement et de l'industrie (18/10/06 - 20/10/06)

41st Meeting of the French Group of Rheology (GFR 2006). Cherbourg, France.

Oganiser/Contact details: Rachid Makhloufi
Conference Contact:
02 33 01 42 04 / gfr2006@chbg.unicaen.fr
Conference Website: http://www.chbg.unicaen.fr/lusac/GFR/

Multiscale and Functionally Graded Materials Conference (FGM2006) (15/10/06 - 18/10/06)

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Conference Contact:
Prof. Glaucio H. Paulino / +1 217 333 3817 / +1 217 265 8041 / paulino@uiuc.edu
Conference Website: http://www.cee.uiuc.edu/events/FGM2006/

IUPAC International Symposium on Advanced Polymers for Emergin Technologies (10/10/06 - 13/10/06)

Bexco, Busan, Korea

Conference Contact:
82 2 568 3860 / 82 2 553 6938 / info@psk30.org
Conference Website: http://www.psk30.org/

Euromech 487: Structure Sensitive Mechanics of Polymer Materials: Physical and Mechanical Aspects (10/10/06 - 13/10/06)

Strasbourg, France

Conference Contact:
+33 (0) 3 90 24 29 18 / +33 (0) 3 88 61 43 00 / EMC487@imfs.u-strasbg.fr
Conference Website: http://www-imfs.u-strasbg.fr/Euromech487/

78th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (08/10/06 - 12/10/06)

Portland, Maine, USA

Conference Contact:
Albert Co / +1-207-581-2282 / albertco@maine.edu
Conference Website: http://www.rheology.org/SoR/annual_meeting/2006Oct/default.htm

Microrheology and Rheological Phenomena in Microfluidics (04/10/06 - 05/10/06)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Conference Contact:
N. Willenbacher / +49-721-608-2661 / +49-721-608-3758 / norbert.willenbacher@mvm.uni-karlsruhe.de

Polydays (04/10/06 - 06/10/06)

Berlin, Germany

Oganiser/Contact details: Prof. Dr. Manfred Hennecke
Conference Website: http://www.polydays.bam.de/

4ème Congrès Mondial de l'Emulsion (03/10/06 - 06/10/06)

Lyon, France

Conference Contact:
+33 4 72 77 45 50 / +33 4 72 77 45 77 / p.chol@package.fr
Conference Website: http://www.cme-emulsion.com/

International Conference on Mechanics and Technology of Composite Materials (02/10/06 - 04/10/06)

Sofia, Bulgaria

Conference Contact:
+359 2 979 39 51 / +359 2 870 34 33 / mezi@clphchm.bas.bg
Conference Website: http://www.clphchm.bas.bg/en/Conference.html

SASOR 2006: 1st Southern African Conference on Rheology (24/09/06 - 27/09/06)

Cape Town, South Africa

Conference Contact:
Veruscha Fester, conference@sasor.co.za
Conference Website: http://www.sasor.co.za

8th Austrian Polymer Meeting 2006 (20/09/06 - 22/09/06)

Linz, Austria

Conference Contact:
Markus Gahleitner / +43-732-6981-5241 / markus.gahleitner@borealisgroup.com
Conference Website: http://www.polymerscience.jku.at/polymermeeting

IUTAM Symposium on Flow Control with MEMS (19/09/06 - 22/09/06)

London, UK

Oganiser/Contact details: Jonathan F. Morrison
Conference Contact:
+44(0)20 7594 5067 / +44(0)20 7584 8120 / memsiutam@imperial.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/aeronautics/research/iutamsymposium

2nd Eurosummer School on Biorheology & Symposium on Micro Mechanobiology of Cells, Tissues and Systems (17/09/06 - 20/09/06)

Varna, Bulgaria

Conference Contact:
N. Antonova +35 929796413 / +35928707498 / biorheo@primasoft.bg
Conference Website: http://www.biorheo2006.tobulgaria.info

IV Workshop on Non Equilibrium Phenomena in Supercooled Fluids, Glasses and Amorphous Materials (17/09/06 - 22/09/06)

Pisa, Italy

Conference Contact:
Laura Andreozzi / +39-050-2214891 / +39-050-2214890
Conference Website: http://wneqp4.df.unipi.it/

ISUD5: Fifth International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering (12/09/06 - 14/09/06)

Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
+41 44 632 8216 / +41 44 632 1451 / isud5@ilw.agrl.ethz.ch
Conference Website: http://www.isud.ethz.ch/

International Symposium on Advanced Fluid/Solid Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (11/09/06 - 14/09/06)

Sapporo, Japan

Conference Contact:
Prof. M. Iguchi / +81-11-706-6335 / +81-11-706-7810 / gaku@eng.hokudai.ac.jp
Conference Website: http://fox27.hucc.hokudai.ac.jp/indexSapporo.html

Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow (06/09/06 - 09/09/06)

Budapest, Hungary

Oganiser/Contact details: R. Schilling
Conference Contact:
Dr. János Vad / +36 14634072 / +36 14633464 / conference@simba.ara.bme.hu
Conference Website: http://www.cmff.hu

4th International workshop on nonequilibrium thermodynamics and complex fluids (03/09/06 - 07/09/06)

Rhodes, Greece

Conference Contact:
Vlasis Mavrantzas, vlasis@chemeng.upatras.gr
Conference Website: http://www.nonequilibrium-thermodynamics.org

Liquid Systems under Extreme Conditions (03/09/06 - 07/09/06)

Barcelona, Spain

Conference Contact:
+34 93 401 74 41 / +34 93 401 65 17 / emlg2006@cimne.upc.edu
Conference Website: http://congress.cimne.upc.es/emlg06

Functional and biological gels and networks: theory and experiment (03/09/06 - 07/09/06)

Polymer networks group conference, Sheffield, UK

Oganiser/Contact details: JL Stanford
Conference Contact:
+44 (0)114 2229520 / +44 (0)114 2229389 / s.h.cowley@shef.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://www.polymernetworks.group.shef.ac.uk/

Polymer Architecture – From Structure to Functional Control (30/08/06 - 01/09/06)

Symposium in the framework of the 1st European Chemistry Congress. Budapest, Hungary

Conference Contact:
Mrs. Barbara Kovács / +36 1 438 4141 ext. 159 / +36 1 438 1123 / polymer-euchems@chemres.hu
Conference Website: http://www.chemres.hu/aki/polychem/polymer-euchems/

17th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering (27/08/06 - 31/08/06)

Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Contact:
Fax +420 221 082 366 / org@chisa.cz
Conference Website: http://www.chisa.cz/2006/

19th International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics (30/07/06 - 04/08/06)

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.icct2006.org/

ASME joint U.S.-European fluids engineering conference (17/07/06 - 21/07/06)

Miami, Florida, United States

Conference Contact:
Dennis Siginer, dennis.siginer@wichita.edu
Conference Website: http://www.asmeconferences.org/FEDSM06

III Brazilian Conference on Rheology (12/07/06 - 14/07/06)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Conference Contact:
Monica F. Naccache, naccache@mec.puc-rio.br
Conference Website: http://www.reologiabrazil.lncc.br

3rd International Conference on the Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation (09/07/06 - 14/07/06)

Blaine, WA, United States

Conference Contact:
Joe Golab, chair@fomms.org
Conference Website: http://www.fomms.org/

International Workshop on Mesoscale and Multiscale Description of Complex Fluids (05/07/06 - 08/07/06)

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for discussing leading experimental and theoretical work on various aspects of complex fluids.

To be held at the Italian campus of Monash University in Prato. More details are on the website (below)

Conference Contact:
Dr Ravi Jagadeeshan, Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia (ravi.jagadeeshan@eng.monash.edu.au). Please see the website (below).
Conference Website: http://users.monash.edu.au/~rprakash/Workshop/prato.htm

22nd annual meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) (02/07/06 - 06/07/06)

Yamagata, Japan

Conference Contact:
Kiyohito Koyama, pps-22@yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Conference Website: http://www.pps-22.com/

Vinogradov Society 23rd Symposium on Rheology (19/06/06 - 24/06/06)

Valday, Russia

Oganiser/Contact details: S.V. Kotomin
Conference Website: http://www.ips.ac.ru/rheo

TOP - Times of Polymers and Composites (18/06/06 - 22/06/06)

Ischia, Italy

Conference Contact:
+39 0815010291 / +39 0815010295 / top2006@unina2.it
Conference Website: http://www.unina2.it/top

Nordic Rheology Conference 2006 (12/06/06 - 14/06/06)

Stockholm, Sweden

Conference Website: http://www.sik.se/nrs/Undre_konferens.htm

Seventh Liblice Conference on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids (11/06/06 - 16/06/06)

Lednice, Czech Republic

Conference Website: ttp://www.icpf.cas.cz/theory/Liblice/2006/Default.html

3rd Annual European Rheology Conference, AERC 2006 (27/04/06 - 29/04/06)

Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

Conference Contact:
Dimitris Vlassopoulos, +30 81391305 / dvlasso@iesl.forth.gr
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/AERC/2006/

Food Colloids 2006 (23/04/06 - 26/04/06)

Montreux, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
Martin Leser, foodcolloids2006@rdls.nestle.com
Conference Website: http://www.research.nestle.com/foodcolloids2006/

Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers (10/04/06 - 13/04/06)

Kerkrade, Netherlands

Conference Contact:
Marleen Rieken, +31 402472851 / +31 402447355 / dyfp2006@tue.nl
Conference Website: http://www.dyfp2006.tue.nl

Paste 06 (03/04/06 - 07/04/06)

9th International Seminar on paste and
Thickened Tailings
3-7 April 2006
Limerick, Ireland

Seminar and Industrial Rheology Course on Paste

Oganiser/Contact details: Dr Simon Lawson
Conference Contact:
Industrial Centre of Particle Science & Engineering
University of Leeds
Houldsworth Building

Tel 0113 3432376
Fax 0113 3432377
Conference Website: www.paste06.com

International Conference on Multiscale Modelling (03/04/06 - 05/04/06)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conference Contact:
J.D. Schiereck, wnt@bureau.knaw.nl
Conference Website: http://www.knaw.nl/cfdata/events/events_detail.cfm?agenda__id=757

Mesoscale modelling meeting (20/03/06 - 21/03/06)

Oxford, United Kingdom

Conference Contact:
Julia Yeomans, j.yeomans1@physics.ox.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://www-thphys.physics.ox.ac.uk/users/JuliaYeomans/CCP5Workshop.html

15th Colloquium Rheology of Building Materials (08/03/06 - 09/03/06)

Regensburg, Germany

Conference Contact:
M. Greim, +49 808694010 / +49 808694014 / info@schleibinger.com
Conference Website: http://www.schleibinger.com

4th International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure (ISFRS 2006) (20/02/06 - 23/02/06)

Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
Peter Fischer, +41 16321155, secretary@isfrs.ethz.ch
Conference Website: http://www.isfrs.ethz.ch

On-Line Slurry Instrumentation (Slurry) (09/02/06)

Cranfield, United Kingdom

Conference Contact:
Dr Nigel Heywood, +44 1234 750422 / +44 1234 750074 / rheology1@bhrgroup.com
Conference Website: http://www.bhrgroup,com

Multiscale Rheology (BSR Winter Meeting) (09/12/05)

The theme of the meeting is "Multiscale Rheology". It will be held on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December 2005 at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Invited speakers include Professor Ken Walters, Professor Sir Sam Edwards, Professor Malcolm Mackley and Professor Tom McLeish. Over night accommodation will be provided at Pembroke College.

Click here to download the programme

Click here to download the registration form [REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED]

Further information may be found on the Cambridge-group site: http://www.cheng.cam.ac.uk/research/groups/polymer/BSRmeet/BSRwinter.html

Oganiser/Contact details: Simon Butler
Conference Contact:
See the linked webpage.
Conference Website: http://www.cheng.cam.ac.uk/research/groups/polymer/BSRmeet/BSRwinter.html

6th International Symposium on Applied Rheology (19/05/05)

See meeting report: here.

Oganiser/Contact details: none
Conference Contact:

AERC 2005 (21/04/05 - 23/04/05)

Over 400 delegates attended the 2nd Annual European Rheology Conference at Grenoble and this helped make a memorable and in many ways remarkable meeting. It is clear that within a very short period of time the ESR has established the Annual meeting as a high quality event that is attracting high quality rheology within Europe...

The report may be read here: REPORT.

The conference gallery may be found here: GALLERY

Oganiser/Contact details: Jean-Michel Piau and Nadia Kissi
Conference Contact:
See the website
Conference Website: http://www.esr.org




Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, Mid Wales
March 21-23, 2005

Oganiser/Contact details: Dr G W Roberts and Professor K Walters FRS
Conference Contact:
Dr Gareth W Roberts,
School of Informatics,
University of Wales Bangor,
Dean Street,
Bangor, Gwynedd
LL57 1UT, UK
Tel: 351151 x 2480, Fax: 01248 383663 Email: g.w.roberts@bangor.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://www.informatics.bangor.ac.uk/~gwr/innfm/Vyrnwy2005/

XIVth ICR (22/08/04 - 27/08/04)

XIVth International Congress on Rheology
Seoul, Korea.
Chairman: Professor Jae Chun HYUN

Oganiser/Contact details: Korean Society of Rheology
Conference Contact:
Congress Secretariat
The Korean Society of Rheology
Rm.806, New Bldg., The Korea Science and Technology Center
635-4 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku,
Seoul 135-703, Korea
Conference Website: http://www.icr2004.or.kr

16th International Conference on Hydrotransport, Santiago, Chile (26/04/04 - 28/04/04)

For all information and enquiries, including registrations, visit the website, or use the contact details below.

Oganiser/Contact details: Babs Astle
Conference Contact:
Conference Organiser, BHR Group Limited, The Fluid Engineering Centre, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, MK43 0AJ, UK, email bastle@bhrgroup.com
Conference Website: http://www.bhrgroup.co.uk/confsite/ht04home.htm

Materials 2003 (05/11/03 - 07/11/03)

Santa Fe, USA

Conference Contact:
E:enquiries@wessex.ac.uk, T: 0238 029 3223 F:0238 029 2853
Conference Website: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2003/materials2003/index.html

Moving Boundaries 2003 (04/11/03 - 06/11/03)

Santa Fe, USA

Conference Contact:
E:enquiries@wessex.ac.uk, T: 0238 029 3223 F:0238 029 2853
Conference Website: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2003/movingboundaries2003/index.html

3rd International Symposium on Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems (03/11/03 - 08/11/03)

Sendai, Japan

Conference Website: http://www.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp/slow-dynamics/

Multiphase Flow 2003 (03/11/03 - 05/11/03)

Santa Fe, USA

Conference Contact:
E:enquiries@wessex.ac.uk, T: 0238 029 3223 F:0238 029 2853
Conference Website: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2003/multiphase2003/index.html

PPS-19 Polymer Processing Society (07/10/03 - 10/07/03)

Melbourne, Australia

Conference Contact:
E: pps19@rmit.edu.au
Conference Website: http://www.pps19.nww.com.au

4th International Conference on Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials (07/10/03 - 10/10/03)

Lake Placid, USA

Conference Contact:
E: sem@fs.uni-lj.si
Conference Website: http://www.uni-lj.si/~cem/mtdm03

AERC 2003 Annual European Rheology Conference (11/09/03 - 13/09/03)

Guimaraes, Portugal

Conference Contact:
E: jmaia@dep.uminho.pt
Conference Website: http://www.rheology-esr.org/AERC2003

Flows in Manufacturing Processes (06/07/03 - 10/07/03)

Advances in Materials Processing Science

Conference Contact:
T: 1 316 978-3400, F:1 316 978 3853E: siginer@engr.twsu.edu
Conference Website: http://www.engr.twsu.edu/DrSiginer/asmehawaii.htm

12th European Conference on Clinical Hemorheology (22/06/03 - 26/06/03)

Sofia, Bulgaria

Conference Contact:
Email: antonova@imbm.bas.bg
Conference Website: http://www.12ECCH.primasoft.bg

XIIIth International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows (07/06/03)

Lausanne, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
Robert Owens, LMK-IE-FSTI,
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,
CH 1015 Lausanne,
Tel: +41 2169 33589, Fax: +41 2169 35307
Email: wkshop2003@epfl.ch
Conference Website: http://lmfwww.epfl.ch/IWNMNF2003

Rheometry II (16/04/03)

Cardiff, Wales

Conference Contact:
Dr. Rhodri Williams
E-mail: p.r.williams@swansea.ac.uk
Conference Website: http://innfm.swan.ac.uk

3rd International Symposium on Food Research and Structure (09/02/03 - 13/02/03)

Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Contact:
Conference Website: http://www.isfrs.ethz.ch

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