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Rheology and flow of multiphase geological materials (18/12/17 - 19/12/17)

The BSR Midwinter Meeting 2017 will be held in Bristol. The meeting will combine talks on all topics of interest to BSR members with specific talks aimed at encouraging interactions between Earth Scientists and the wider rheological community. Geological flows often involve multiphase suspensions. Examples include magmas, which are suspensions of bubbles and/or crystals in a liquid silicate melt, and granular media, consisting of particles suspended in water or air. The flow of these materials often presents a hazard, as in the case of lava flows, pyroclastic density currents, snow avalanches, and underwater turbidity currents. Analysis and modelling of such flows is challenging because the rheology of the materials involved is typically complex. This complexity arises partly because the volume fraction of the suspended phase is often in the intermediate to dense range. Moreover, in the case of magmas, the viscosity of the suspending liquid phase can change dynamically during flow, over many orders of magnitude. Quantifying the rheology of these materials is, therefore, both challenging and important. This meeting will focus on recent advances in our understanding of the rheology of multiphase mixtures with a particular focus on geological materials.

Conference Website: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/earthsciences/events/2017/earth-sciences---bsr-meeting.html

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